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Getting Started with New PM Techniques

Cinda Voegtli
Presented by Cinda Voegtli,
Founder and CEO,
64-minute session
MP3 download
15mb .zip
1.25 PDU (Category A)

Process Doesn't Have to Be Heavy and Slow to Be Good
Do you have a project that needs to be handled better, starting yesterday? How about an organization that desperately needs to do a better job running all its projects, starting now? Don't despair! You can make some fast, dramatic improvements to project processes without a huge, yearlong change initiative.

This how-to course by Cinda Voegtli explains practical ways to get new and helpful project management techniques in use on new or existing projects. Don't worry about putting together a Big Process Binder right now. Instead, Cinda focuses on techniques that don't involve a lot of (probably dreaded) management mechanics; techniques that are simple to explain and implement, and that provide powerful leverage for avoiding common project problems. She illustrates these principles by describing how three supposedly hopeless projects used these tools and techniques to recover and succeed, and explains how to adopt those new approaches on any project (not just one in trouble).

  • When you've finished this course…
    • You'll know Cinda's 3 Key Principles for effective project management, and the critical leverage points that will make your processes practical and usable
    • You'll know how to use simple but effective project management techniques to rescue faltering projects or launch scary ones off on the right foot
    • You'll be able to help your new project processes spread throughout your organization, with less resistance and more support for practical PM that works

  • Included in this download:
    • Course recording by Cinda Voegtli of
    • 8 templates and guidelines referenced in the recording, to help you put these techniques to use right away
    • A complete course transcript
    • A quiz with instructions for receiving 1.25 Category-3 PDUs upon completing the course

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