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Project Leadership and Change Management: What Really Counts

Sinikka Waugh
Presented by Sinikka Waugh
90-minute session
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Have you thought about what your project is changing? Are you prepared to help others through it? Many project leaders aren't. Focused on time, scope, cost, and the specifics of the project itself, many project leaders forget to put the project in the context of the organization. But if the people in your organization don't embrace the changes driven by your project, at the end of the day, the project will fail.

Effective change management involves anticipating what in the organization is changing, who is impacted, and how they'll feel about it. Change – more specifically, transition – is a process. Understanding the process can help you navigate it faster and more successfully. Planning for change and transition will take the guesswork and panic out of communications down the road. Sinikka Waugh walks you through what really counts in change management:

  • 4 simple questions you have to ask to identify what your project will change and who it will impact
  • The 5-step process of change and transition, and how to recognize the signs
  • 3 common complaints about change and useful tips for framing the right messages at each step of the process
  • 7 common assumptions, and how you can avoid the pitfalls they create

Included in this download:
  • Webinar handouts and recording
  • A collection of related worksheets useful with several of the webinar concepts:
    • Change Management Planning Worksheet
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Stakeholder Communications Plan
    • User Impact Assessment
  • PDU Instructions -- Use this short review to verify your participation and receive a PDU certificate by email.

About the Presenter
Sinikka Waugh

Sinikka L. Waugh, PMP, is the founder and head coach of Your Clear Next Step, L.L.C. Sinikka is known for consistently helping teams find innovative ways to leverage effective project strategies across multiple disciplines and technologies. In over ten years in various project roles (primarily program manager, project manager, and business analyst) Sinikka has successfully applied project and leadership expertise to improve project performance in a wide variety of industries, including publishing, education, product fulfillment and distribution, insurance, event and travel management, human resources, and financial services. As a coach, Sinikka's down-to-earth, "try this now" approach blends with her passion for helping others improve. Her energetic and engaging style helps make both the art and science of project management accessible to those she works with. Sinikka holds a BA from Central College, and an MA from the University of Iowa.

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