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Corporate Subscriptions and Licensing

Individual PMs and Team Members | PMOs and Corporate-Wide Subscriptions

For Individual Project Manager and Team Members

For much less than what it costs to send each person to attend one narrowly-focused training class, you can provide all your project managers, and even entire teams, with access to resources covering all major areas of project management.

Your teams will have just-in-time resources to help keep their projects on track.

Group Discount Rates

3 - 9 members - $125 ea
10-19 members - $ 99 ea
20-50 members - $ 75 ea

Rates are per member per year. Normal annual rate is $149. Contact us for charity pricing.

Group Subscriptions
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Standard Benefits

Group subscription rates offer heavy discounts so multiple project managers and team members can have year-long access to our how-to resources for a very affordable price.
  • Provide templates and how-to information from real world projects, many with example text. Members can use our content to get started faster on specifications, planning, and management tasks.
  • All templates, checklists, and guidelines include What/Why/How information that tells your team members when and how to use them, how to get the most out of them, and common pitfalls to watch out for.
  • New project managers can get up to speed faster with our down-to-earth, practical, and understandable how-to explanations and adaptable templates (and without interrupting your more experienced project managers at every twist and turn).
  • Bi-weekly newsletters provide project management tips and template reminders, ensuring everyone remembers about the resources available (on an opt-in basis, of course).
  • Group invoicing cuts down on accounting hassles; no more individual reimbursement requests and paperwork.

For Organizations and PMOs


Affordable corporate subscriptions and licensing terms give your whole organization cost-effective access to a comprehensive online library of time-saving resources and templates designed for the
way your teams already work.

CORPORATE LICENSING PROGRAMS - Flexible options for using our content across your organization, available internally alongside your own project resources.
For far less than companies typically pay for one day of training for 20 people, you can have everyone in your organization tied into day-to-day learning and get-it-done support through our extensive knowledge base of practical templates, checklists, worksheets, problem solvers, and more.

Standard Benefits PLUS

With a ProjectConnections content license, you'll be able to post our content on your intranet or incorporate it in your methodologies with unrestricted use across your organization. Content licensing is also a great option if per-seat pricing is impractical for the size of your team, or if you just need a few resources for company-wide use. Modify content to suit your projects – add your branding, change the layout, alter the content for your organization's standards and requirements.

Are you starting a PMO, setting up a new corporate-wide intranet for your project managers or any other Corporate-wide PM initiative? Many organizations take on these projects from the ground up, with few or no resources available. Yours doesn't have to be one of them. Email deanna@projectconnections.com or call us toll free at 888-722-5235 x160 and we'll provide a quote for your unique situation right away.

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