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What is ProjectConnections?

Many of us end up learning project management the hard way. We spend late nights and early mornings grappling with issues like how to get the information we need from uncooperative colleagues, how to correctly estimate a project that's never done before, how much PM control is really needed for a given project. We wonder how other managers handle these questions, and what tools they use. ProjectConnections is designed to be the resource we wanted when we were starting out—a resource to provide answers and guidance for all these of these how-to questions, especially the nuances of dealing with real people and making it all work in situations that are nothing like the textbooks. You can read more about what inspired ProjectConnections' creation in this welcome letter from our President, Cinda Voegtli.

How often do you add new content?

Generally speaking, we add new content to the site every other week, in sync with our newsletter cycle.

What do those little Member and Premium icons mean?

Most of our content on the site falls in to one of two access levels: Member or Premium. The icons (and sometimes simple text labels) associated with each piece of content help you identify what access level is required to view it.

Member AccessSome resources are free for registered Members, no strings attached.
Premium AccessPremium subscribers get access to our entire library of 200+ how-to resources.
(New subscribers get a 15-day free trial, too!)

Occasionally we will release some content as Guest (), which is accessible to any site visitor, without a login.

What do I get with a Premium subscription?

Premium subscribers get complete access to our entire library of over 200 project management resources, including templates, checklists, guidelines, and Burning Questions indexes. You'll find topics ranging from basic project plans to discontinuance and localization planning and almost everything in between. Our pre-constructed templates include not just the blanks, but often examples, sample data, and key "gotchas" to watch out for when creating the deliverables. Plus, every file includes overview information explaining what the template is for, when and why you'd use it, and how to get the most out of it on the job.

What do I get if I register for free?

Registered Members receive access to about 30% of our site content, designated with the Member icon. Member Access Member materials run the gamut of our topics, so you'll find them throughout the site. Plus, Members have access to all of the presentations and papers, as well as our career-oriented interviews and case studies. Finally, every other week we temporarily make one or two of our Premium templates available to Members for a couple of weeks, to provide a wider lens into our Premium library.

How do I register for free?

Just fill out our simple registration form. We've kept it short, so it only takes a minute. If you're not ready to jump on the wagon just yet, you will always find the button on our home page.

What are the rates for ProjectConnections Premium subscription?

Premium subscription rates are $14.95 per month, or $149/year. First-time subscribers receive a 15-day trial period to view Premium materials, so you have ample time to see how ProjectConnections can help you get your projects done before you ever pay a thing. (Free trials are one per customer, and returning subscribers are not eligible for the free trial offer.) We also offer group discounts and licensing terms.

Can I see anything without registering or subscribing?

All of our expert articles are open access -- free to any site visitor with no registration required. Occasionally we will release some content as Guest (), which is accessible to any site visitor, without a login. If you like, you can also review a few typical documents here.

I'd like to talk to someone at ProjectConnections.

We'd love to talk to you, too! You can reach us by calling 888-722-5235. If you're not in North America, or if you just prefer email, you can reach us at We pride ourselves on our responsive customer support, and we truly enjoy hearing from current and prospective members.

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