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Poor-Quality Cost

H. James Harrington
ASQC Quality Press, 1987
ISBN 0-8247-7743-3

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Poor-Quality Cost is one of a series of tests developed by the Center for Quality and Applied Statistics at the Rochester Institute of Technology. This book dispels the myth that good quality requires higher costs. Instead, it repeatedly demonstrates good quality means good resource utilization -- of equipment, of materials, of information and above all of human resources -- which lowers costs and increases productivity.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Poor-Quality Cost?
  2. Understanding direct poor-quality costs
  3. Direct poor-quality cost curves
  4. Direct poor-quality cost analysis
  5. Starting a poor-quality cost system
  6. White collar poor-quality costs
  7. Indirect poor-quality cost
  8. Advantages of a poor-quality cost system

  9. Appendix: Typical poor-quality costs

In addition, this book includes analyzed data collected from a vast number of corporations and disciplines. These data document for the first time the level of poor-quality cost obtained in these industries and offer a highly useful list of poor-quality elements compiled to date.

This book is an excellent resource for quality control engineers and project managers. It is also applicable for manufacturing, electrical and industrial engineers and financial mangers.

Contributed by Tom Smith, Integrated Project Systems

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