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Getting Past No: Negotiating Your Way From Confrontation To Cooperation

William Ury
Bantam Books, 1993
ISBN 0-553-37131-2

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In Getting Past No, William Ury offers a proven breakthrough strategy for turning adversaries into negotiating partners. Ury's latest book helps the reader understand the importance and resulting value of maintaining personal control while under pressure, defusing anger and hostility, finding out what the other side really wants, identifying and countering dirty tricks, and reaching agreements that satisfy both sides' needs.

Table of Contents:

  1. Getting Ready:
    • Breaking Through Barriers to Cooperation
    • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
  2. Using Breakthrough Strategy
    • Don't React: Go To The Balcony
    • Don't Argue: Go To Their Side
    • Don't Reject: Reframe
    • Don't Push: Build Them A Golden Bridge
    • Don't Escalate: Use Power To Educate
  3. Turning Adversaries Into Partners
    • Conclusion: Turning Adversaries Into Partners
    • Appendix: Preparation Worksheet

Getting Past No expands upon the negotiating foundation provided in his first book Getting To Yes. For example, there is a very helpful template in this book's Appendix to assist the reader in systematically identifying the issue involved for both parties, identifying available options and the "fairness" of standards involved. This work also stresses determining and shaping appropriate proposals for all parties involved.

This book is highly relevant to Project Managers. It helps us develop the skills necessary to deal with this decade's tough times, tough people and tough negotiations.

Contributed by Tom Smith, Integrated Project Systems

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