Is there a ProjectConnections road map for learning about the PM role?

Where can I go in the ProjectConnections site to start learning about the project management activities, roles, etc. in a systematic way? I need a road map which will help me easily slip into the shoes of a project manager.
Far and away the best resource we can direct you to for detailed, basic project management activities is our New Project Manager Fast Track. This page is all about helping the new project manager (whether or not they actually have that formal title) get oriented to the role, understand all the activities and how they relate, and figure out how to do the job. We place a special focus on understanding the real purpose of the activities, and how to avoid getting bogged down in bureaucratic paperwork and documentation for the sake of documentation.

In particular, start with the first section of the Fast Track, Understanding the Role. There are several Burning Questions linked there that will give you a rough outline of what to expect. From there, you'll probably want to read down to the next section, Running Projects, which takes you step-by-step through the typical phases of project management and the practical issues that you're likely to encounter.

For a broader perspective on what it means to be a good project manager, check out the outstanding guideline written by our CEO and founder Cinda Voegtli: Project Manager/Team Leader Description -- Roles & Responsibilities. This is really a must-read for understanding what it takes to do the job in a way that inspires faith, confidence, and results. (You might also want to scan Cinda's articles and blogs for more of her impassioned writing on this topic. It's something she has incredibly strong feelings about, and one of the reasons this site exists.)

Finally, consider our guideline on Ways to Gain Career-Enhancing PM Skills and Experience. It speaks more to career development, of course, but if you read between the lines you will begin to see the skills and techniques you'll need in order to do the job, and hopefully apply those skills to the activities described in the Fast Track mentioned above. Being a Project Manager requires little more than a title or an assignment, but actively striving to become a really effective project manager requires some amount of serious contemplation, conscious examination of lessons learned, and continuous improvement effort, just like any serious career goal -- or any good project, for that matter.

We have so much more on this topic that we could easily overwhelm you with tools like worksheets to help you keep your actions in line with your career goals, outstanding entries from our bloggers, burning questions on a huge variety of subjects, papers and webinars on being truly effective and relevant… Honestly, this question gets at the very heart of why ProjectConnections exists. But the resources above are among the best we have to get your head around the essence of the job, what it means, and how to get it done. As you have more specific questions and concerns, just ask. We'll be delighted to help.

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