What's so important about deciding how to get requirements approved?

What's so important about deciding how to get requirements approved?
There are a several schools of thought about reviewing and approving requirements. A stringent review process might demand a requirements walkthrough in which every key stakeholder must review every word of every requirements document and approve the document with a signature. A less strict process may require only that the stakeholders directly impacted by a requirement review and sign off on it.

The approval process might demand an "active sign-off," in which a list of required approvers must actively communicate their approval of every requirement. Or approval of the published requirements might be passively assumed after a given date, unless the stakeholders communicate changes or disapproval.

The best way to choose a process is by studying the realities of the project and choosing the level of review that best supports a successful project completion. Before you choose review and approval processes, be sure to consult all of the parties: the project manager and sponsor, business stakeholders, and the project team. Clearly communicate the review/approval processes to the stakeholders, and ask them to assume accountability for their roles.

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