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Implementing Project Management Processes

Project management is often implemented in an ad hoc way, in an uneasy marriage with deeply entrenched corporate command and control structures. Implementing project management is often an uphill battle, waged by people with vision against people clinging to current paradigms and familiar surroundings. These resources will help you sell the vision, convince reluctant stakeholders, and make high-impact changes that don't require an overnight overhaul of company culture.

This is only a partial collection; see our full list of project improvement and PMO templates for more, or visit our Fast Track for PMO Leaders.

How can we help you implement project management successfully in your organization?

Examples of Successful Project Management Implementations
The case studies and forms collected here come from real project environments, and show how various teams and organizations have adapted their culture to allow for successful project discipline.

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  • Company Program for Ongoing PM Learning
    Example framework for a comprehensive ongoing training and support program for your PMs.
  • Budget for Project Management Support Group
    An example budget for non-salary expenses for a chartered PM support group.
  • Project Process Philosophy Chart
    Explaining why a project process exists and why it matters can be challenging, especially in process-averse organizations. This one-page chart can help you convey why the process is important, how it helps, and how specific deliverables support these goals during each project phase.
  • Development Process Quick Reference - Excerpt
    This excerpt from a company's "Development Quick Reference" shows a format and content examples for helping your team use your project management or product development process.
  • Software Release Lifecycle Collection
    A comprehensive 10-phase Software Release Lifecycle that provides a practically turn-key methodology for software-heavy development environments. This collection includes release manager and team member job descriptions, an overview of the entire process, and over 70 one-page deliverable guidelines for the key activities in every phase of the SRLC.
  • PM Support Website Requirements Checklist
    A requirements list and prioritization template created by a company planning an internal website to support its project managers and teams.
Guidelines and Suggestions for Implementing Project Management
Even if your company currently has no consistent project management processes or tools, you can still start improving your ability to manage projects consistently. The resources here will help you understand the right path to improvement, and the best roles for management to play in the process.

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  • Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO) Charter
    This charter outline, provided by an experienced and highly successful director of an enterprise PMO, walks PMO heads and stakeholders through key success factors for launching an enterprise-wide PMO, Project Office, or Center of Excellence.
  • Project Manager Support Survey
    A short survey form for determining what training and support your Project Managers feel they, their team members, and related functional managers need.
  • Project Support Group Survey and Results
    This template provides a survey approach for use by a new or proposed "Project Support Group." Such a group is formed in some organizations to support all its project managers, especially newer project managers who may need training, mentoring, or coaching.
  • Implementing and Developing PM Procedures and Skills
    A step-by-step guideline for introducing new project management procedures to an organization and developing related PM skills to improve project performance as quickly as possible.
  • Project Manager/Team Leader Selection
    A worksheet to help a project sponsor select a project manager by scoring candidates on a number of selection criteria, including critical "soft skills" and domain knowledge specific to the project.
  • Project Sponsor
    A list of characteristics and responsibilities of the Project Sponsor. The Project Sponsor champions executive approval for the project.
  • Project Manager Assessment Tool
    This assessment reduces some of that subjectivity using detailed questions about the skills and experience required to perform the PM's past and current work: education, project experience, tool familiarity, people management abilities, and more.
Other Options
  • Check our book list for several good books on implementing project management.
  • Getting Started with New PM Techniques, a mini-course with Cinda Voegtli. 1.25 PDUs
    This how-to course by Cinda Voegtli explains practical ways to get new and helpful project management techniques in use on new or existing projects. Don't worry about putting together a Big Process Binder right now. Instead, Cinda focuses on techniques that don't involve a lot of (probably dreaded) management mechanics; techniques that are simple to explain and implement, and that provide powerful leverage for avoiding common project problems.
Typical PM Implementation Issues and Answers to Common Questions
Any time you try to change company culture, you will run into resistance and obstacles. These resources outline some of the issues you can expect to see, and provides suggestions for getting around, over, or through them. There are also checklists and guidelines to help you select and implement appropriate PM tools for your environment.

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  • Overcoming Resistance to Change
    Making a change requires a kind of leap of faith: you decide to move in the direction of the unknown on the promise that something will be better for you. This article outlines the top ten reasons for change resistance, and some strategies for dealing with them.
  • From Process to Discipline
    Process isn't all or nothing; but when less is more (as it often is) your team had better be disciplined.
  • Did That Process Change Work? Four Steps to Better Processes
    So you made some changes to the way you do your projects. Did those changes make a difference? How can you know?
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  • Matrix Management Reinvented
    Need a prescription for matrix management that actually works? Here's a different look at cross-functional organizations, focusing on alignment with strategic objectives and customers rather than just rearranging the organizational chart.
  • When Management Isn't Buying
    In this slide presentation, Bill Kern, President of IPS Associates, shows how to effectively champion the adoption of PM process by tailoring solutions and value propositions to each level and each individual in your management audience.
  • How to Get Value out of a Project Management Office (PMO)
    This paper from International Institute for Learning and EPM Solutions takes an executive-level look at the elements of the PMO that can dramatically increase the probability of your organization meeting its goals. It focuses on four major processes: Choosing the right projects via a new kind of strategic planning, permanently linking strategies to projects, managing the project portfolio correctly, and measuring the PMO correctly.
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  • Adapting Processes for Different Projects
    Learn how your existing PM and development processes can accommodate different project lengths, risk profiles, and levels of complexity. Includes examples of communicating different project profiles to your teams, to help them select the right process elements up front.
  • Getting the Right Value from a Project Management Tool
    A checklist with accompanying guidance on how to make sure that people are using a project management tool wisely.
  • Project Management Software Tools Evaluation
    A checklist used during the evaluation of project management software to help get to the short list of evaluation candidates. This checklist helps you document what features are important to your PM process, as well as keep track of which software packages have which features. It also helps capture comments on different packages.
Other Options
  • Little ITIL®, Big Results: 10 Steps for Kicking Off ITIL in Small Shops
    Get a basic overview of what ITIL is (and what it isn't), why it matters, and how this valuable framework can help you define and support your quality goals for IT service management, even with a small department and limited resources. 1.5 PDUs

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