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We're here to help every person who is managing projects, teams, and people – save time, avoid problems, and ultimately be successful at whatever you're trying to get done, with tips, techniques, tools, and advice through a broad set of project-related resources.

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Here's a way to quickly check out examples of how we help, showing the level of detail and advice we provide, the practical how-to-use instructions, and examples from real projects.

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Burning Questions & Problem Solvers

Answers to frequently asked questions on managing projects — both how-to questions and problem-solving questions — taking into account people issues, politics, too much to do…

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How-to Guidelines

Examples of detailed but practical guidelines for a particular project process, activity, or deliverable.

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Interviews and Case Studies

In-the-trenches project managers share lessons from the field via Case Studies of individual projects and project situations. Our PM Interviews bring you insight into the career paths, hard-won wisdom, and favorite templates of seasoned project managers.

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Papers & Presentations

In depth discussions of project topics from a variety of practicing managers.

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Blogs and Articles

Quick, practical views of important management subjects as well as common issues and how to deal with them. Tips and techniques from those who've been there and want to pass along what's worked for them.

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We hope to make your life easier, help your projects succeed, and help you advance your career. Many of us learned to manage projects one problem at a time and we hope to save others that pain.

We believe that no one should ever have to live through it to learn how to do it.

  • Use our resources to create practical processes for your projects
  • Learn from the experiences of others, instead of having to live through it yourself
  • Start new PMs with our Fast Track and the compilation of proven tools and techniques
  • Get a head start on your project work with practical templates, guidelines and checklists

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