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June 23, 2010, Sponsored by RMC Project Management, Inc.

From the Editor

We just got back from a short Gartner conference in San Diego, and one of the things that struck us is that you're not alone. No one we talked to felt like they had anywhere near the resources needed to get everything done. If you're in that boat too (judging by what we heard, who isn't?), here are a few tools we think will help paint the picture of what you really need, and the benefits you could provide if you had the right resources.

Featured Article

On Being a PM I Want to HireSTANDING UP for Real Release Dates by Cinda Voegtli

Cinda Voegtli Recently I worked with a relatively new PM (currently leading his second project ever) who epitomizes my dream case of an engineer/developer-turned-project-manager.

In the midst of an already challenging schedule, he got wind that the sales VP was out there quoting an availability date to customers that was two months earlier than his estimates said was in the realm of possibility.

In the past, this PM, a very nice and not that forceful guy, would have just sighed and lived with it and done the best he and the team could. However, he has been in the PM trenches for a couple of years now. A big part of his learning has been that a key part of his PM role is really not so much about management but leadership – the responsibility to STAND UP. So, rather than suffer in silence, he took a stand and took some action.

Find out what happened »

Premium How-To Course

If We Ignore It, Maybe It Will Go AwayPREMIUM
Assessing Project Risks
Presented by Carl Pritchard, Pritchard Management Associates
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10.5mb zip

Premium Course Maybe it will, at that. Just because you've identified a risk doesn't mean you need to do anything about it. Then again, you sure don't want to ignore the wrong ones. Creating a risk list is just the first step. Now it's time to fish it out of the drawer, review it with the team, and assess which risks you should do something about. This course by Carl Pritchard explains the process and sets your team on the right path to active risk management. If you're going to ignore a risk, make sure you're ignoring the right one. 1 PDU Learn More »

Site Highlights

PM Appointment LetterMEMBER
If a project assignment falls on your desk, does it make a sound? If you're responsible for the project outcomes, you'd better make sure everyone knows it, so you'll have the clout and the public backing you need to get things done. This model letter will help you frame the announcement. Get your sponsor to sign it -- today.

Plan Development 3: Assign ResourcesPREMIUM
Once you know what the work is, you need to figure out who will do it. This guideline and worksheet helps you identify the resources needed for each item in a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Second in a series on developing your project plan.

Deciding Whether to Outsource Work on a ProjectSPECIAL
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until July 6, 2011
This step-by-step guideline walks you through the process of deciding whether to consider an outside supplier for part of all of your project work. Even if you're sure it's worth doing all this work, it may not be worth doing it all yourself.

Executive Summary of Project Status and RisksMEMBER
All execs really want, or have time for, are numbers, pictures, and direction. They need to know what you need, when, and why, so they can make the right decisions and justify those decisions to their bosses. This report template keeps everything on a page or two, so you can stay at the high level they want, and focus on the help you need.

Benefits Realization PlanPREMIUM
Is your grand project from 6 months ago yielding results? How will you know if it does? Plan ahead to justify your team's hard work and quantify exactly what their efforts produced -- or the reasons they should never be put through that wringer again.

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Want your team members to have their own access to templates and how-to resources for their project work? Need to share documents and deliverables beyond your project team? We make it easier with affordable corporate subscriptions and licensing. Detailed information regarding corporate options is available online. Give your whole team, or even the entire organization, cost-effective access to our comprehensive online library of resources. You already know how helpful it's been for you. Now it's time to share with everyone else. Find out more »

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