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July 29, 2016 In this edition:
This week's newsletter ended up focused on people – how we take the actual people into account when we plan a project; how we treat the people when we choose leaders; and typical people issues when an organization goes for an Agile transformation. Enjoy -- and hope you're having a great summer.
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Featured Articles
Consider the People Before the Work
by Geof Lory

Geof Lory Is your project work being done by resources, or by people? How you envision them may dramatically affect your project results.

"In a traditional approach to managing the work of a project, the first thing you do is define all the work to be done, estimate it, sequence it, and then assign resources to the work, which builds the schedule and budget. This scope-driven, work-centric approach can objectify people and in extremes end up treating them like commoditized interchangeable widgets. Our vernacular even indicates this -- they are called resources. In today's world, projects that hope to create high-value, innovative products cannot be effectively planned and managed this way. It limits and diminishes the talents that can be brought to the table.

Still, for every project, it is the work that delivers the value of the project. So how can we do it differently and more effectively, especially in an Agile environment, where we need people's commitment even more, given that we plan to less detail?" See how Geof is handling this with his team of 60+ people.

What if we chose PMs the way we choose a President?
by Kimberly Wiefling

Kimberly Wiefling This week Kimberly Wiefling has a non-political but pretty pointed take on aspects of the Presidential elections. Namely, what would it look like if we vetted and chose Project Managers using various approaches and situations we've witnessed during this campaign? Read Kimberly's light-hearted, somewhat satirical, but still passionate thoughts on the process of selecting a leader and the "shenanigans" she thinks we'd all be better off without. Read More...

Spotlight – Other Project Templates, Tools, and Techniques
Agile Transformation - It's About the People
by Alan Zucker

Agile represents a culture transformation as well as a new way of working. Some organizations may struggle with the transformation. They are accustomed to carefully implementing a rule-based methodology, rather than a value-based set of principles. While there is no single path to becoming Agile or sustaining its accomplishments, there are common issues. Read Alan's recommendations for handling 3 typical challenges with Agile transformation.

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