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ProjectConnections has plenty of options for individuals such as open access resources, content memberships, Premium subscriptions, and online courses.

But it's also our mission to support the bigger picture in organizations – by giving you options to provide our content, products, and services group, department, or enterprise wide. Our very sincere goal is to:

  • Support your people — project managers, team leads and team members — with tools and techniques, learning, skill-development, and support to effectively do their jobs and to grow in their roles.
  • Support projects and programs by delivering our content, training, and support in a way that directly and immediately helps people manage and complete specific critical efforts, -- and thereby also help your overall portfolios of projects to be successful as well.
  • Pragmatically provide materials and insights for pragmatic processes – to help organizations implement and utilize appropriate project, program, and portfolio tools and methodologies and consistently get challenging work done.

In every area, our focus is always on providing content, learning, events, and support that are practical, targeted, and high-impact. And as much as possible to make them usable "just-in-time" in the context of the needs at hand, through a combination of virtual and on-site options.

Our different offerings – and related options for organizations, include:

On-line Content

Toolkits and Resources that provide project know-how and tools to your teams. Can include custom content and toolkit development and process deployment support.

Online and On-site FastRAMP training

Programs that educate and grow skills needed for the work at hand. Most are virtual (web-based) and many focus on incremental learning ("bite-sized" components to address specific questions or issues).

  • Your people can come to any of our public online FastRAMP tools and techniques courses, under a generous discount plan.
  • Or you can request private programs attended only by your employees, in which case you have the option to also have us tailor the courses to cover your own tools and/or focus in on areas of biggest leverage for your teams right now.

Quick Hit Live Courses and Audio Mini-Course libraries

Over 85 topics that can be delivered in a variety of ways.

  • As Audio courses: 20 to 75 minute recordings with accompanying transcripts and toolkits, for deep but fast on-demand dives into specific topics, tools, and techniques. The entire library or subsets can be licensed and brought in house for all your people, or served through our site in a private area.
  • As live private web sessions: You can choose to do standalone sessions; create a Lunch-and-Learn series; or use them as part of a Community of Practice/ Center of Excellence program (see next item). You simply identify a set of topics you want delivered, we work out a schedule with you; we talk about "off the shelf" or customized; and you easily get to create an affordable program to support your managers and teams on the topics that matter most to your current goals.

Community of Practice Programs

Programs that engage multiple PMs to learn together, identify and spread PM best practices for your projects, and grow the PM culture overall. We work with you to design a frequency of PM sessions, whether online, face-to-face or hybrid, and identify topics and resources to bring from our knowledge base to your PMs as desired.

Special Events

Our FastTRACTION Forums are a new program starting in spring of 2015, aimed specifically at the people who are leading the way on ongoing improvements to project and portfolio execution.

  • There's no better way to determine what to do, than to take advantage of all those who have gone before – and then have time to create your own plan, encompassing all that wisdom, new tools, warnings, and more, while it's all fresh and you've got those people right in front of you!
  • That's what our Forums will allow. We'll be doing 2-day Forums on subjects including Making Portfolio and Resource Management Work; Introducing, Adapting, and Spreading Practical Project Processes; and Moving to and Succeeding with Agile.
  • For every topic, our Forums pay attention to where you are along the "adoption spectrum." Unsure if your organization even needs it? Ready to sell it and wondering how to get support? Getting started and wondering the best way to do so? Good initial progress but stalled? Pretty mature and wanting to sustain your gains and determine what's next?
  • We cover every spectrum area and transitions between them via cases and breakouts, provide practical diagnostics to help you identify your organization's biggest "next leverage points", and give you time and support to come up with an initial plan – WHILE YOU'RE STILL THERE!
  • If these Forums sound interesting to you, just let us know and we'll get you onto the list for notification when we have set the dates and locations for our first series. Or, e-mail with any questions you may have.

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