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How do I develop myself as a leader?
Are leaders born, or are they made? How is leadership taught? How is it learned? In this paper, Warren Craycroft takes a look at the study of leadership and compares the approaches of two leadership scholars, Warren Bennis and John Gardner, as they wrestle with these and other leadership questions.
Calculating Expected Monetary Value (EMV) of Risks
It's one thing to make a list of risks, and another to be quite clear about just how badly a particular risk could impact the project in financial terms. This template helps teams assess the financial impact of a given risk and determine how much time and money to spend avoiding it.
Are You Elegantly Solving the Wrong Problems?
"Remember, agile will NOT solve your problems but it will perform exceedingly well at exposing them." Brian Irwin provides a handy table (!!!) describing common Agile problems, the "solution" that's usually applied, and the cures that are most likely to provide lasting relief. Are your teams applying the wrong cure to any of these agile diseases?
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Using Meeting Notes Wisely
How-To Course It's not as though anyone reads it, right? So how do you create and use meeting notes that fit your project needs and are worth everyone's time? This mini-course by DeAnna Burghart covers the ins and outs -- mostly outs -- of creating meeting minutes when you absolutely have to, and generating useful meeting notes when that's good enough. 1 PDU
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until September 4, 2014
Agile Technique Brief: Estimating
Agile Technique Brief: Estimating This technique brief discusses an agile approach to estimating the size of features for a software development project. The approach, called Planning Poker, provides a mechanism that allows the team to collaborate on an estimate that reflects their combined knowledge and experience.
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Don't Risk Value for the Sake of Schedule
Kent McDonaldKent McDonald I'd like to share some recent lessons learned at my own expense regarding the validity wisdom of using these three constraints, primarily schedule, as measures of success for a project. It started, as all good stories do, on a dark and stormy evening in May. Read more »

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