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The Crystal Approach to Agile Projects

Kent McDonald
Presented by Kent McDonald, KnowledgeBridge Partners
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One Size Does Not Fit All
And here's the Agile framework to prove it. Based on extensive research and observation, the Crystal family of Agile methodologies encourages teams to develop and refine new methodologies for each new project. It might sound chaotic, but the Crystal approach helps teams systematically establish their own custom agile methodology based on various aspects of their project and team. The result is clear communication, focused development, and frequent delivery to the customer, in spite of the inevitable differences between projects.

In this mini-course, Kent McDonald introduces the key roles, practices, and principles of Crystal project teams. You'll hear about the Seven Properties of Successful Teams, and their varying levels of importance. Kent also discusses the practices, techniques, roles, and life cycles used to support development teams in a Crystal environment, emphasizing the lightweight, low-overhead practices of Crystal Clear. Especially for small, co-located teams, these practices create a dynamic, creative environment focused on working effectively, in whatever way works best for that particular project.

  • You need this course if…
    • Your team is considering Agile methodologies, but you'd like to try something less prescriptive.
    • You've tried other Agile techniques, and had trouble fitting your teams into strictly defined processes.
    • You would like to adapt some Agile techniques to your phase-based project environment, without worrying about whether you are "doing Agile."
    • You want to know more about what makes teams truly effective, regardless of their methodology or their project environment.

  • After finishing this course, you'll know…
    • The 7 Properties of Successful Teams and their importance to the Crystal methodologies.
    • How to assess your team's application of the seven properties.
    • Requirements for implementing Crystal on your projects.

  • Included in this download:
    • Course recording by Kent McDonald of Knowledge Bridge Partners.
    • A detailed Method Brief by Kent on the Crystal Clear methodology
    • Technique Briefs for several techniques used by Crystal teams, and mentioned in the course
    • A complete course transcript
    • A quiz with instructions for receiving 1 Category A PDU upon completing the course

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