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How-To Mini-Courses > Agile Methodologies: Overview of Scrum

Agile Methodologies: Overview of Scrum

Kent McDonald
Presented by Kent McDonald, KnowledgeBridge Partners
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Padding? Who needs it?
There are many different Agile methodologies, from Extreme to Crystal Clear. But when most people say "Agile," they mean Scrum -- a (seemingly) rough-and-tumble approach to development that emphasizes small, cross-functional teams working against a prioritized list of features. You might think that a methodology that emphasizes self-management and iterative design would be loose, unstructured, inefficient, unorganized, and ineffective. You would be mistaken.

This mini-course by Kent McDonald provides a high-level overview of Scrum, including the guiding values, the main principles and techniques, and the chief roles it requires. Kent's thorough explanation explains the motivation behind various Scrum techniques, and addresses some common misconceptions as well. For a methodology that seems so unstructured, Scrum can demand a lot from team members. Is it worth it? That depends on your team, your project, and how attached you are to working with all that padding.

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