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Dealing with Conflict

Michael Aucoin
Presented by Michael Aucoin, President of Leading Edge Management
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We're a great team… except for the fights.
Even the best teams are not devoid of conflict! A strong team may simply have normal disagreements over project decisions; a weaker team may experience a range of style and communication conflicts. Either way, conflict management skills are important to the team, to the people on the team, and to the team leader trying to steer everyone toward the objectives management expects you to accomplish together (whether you want to or not).

This course by Mike Aucoin, author of Right-Brain Project Management, covers how to prepare for typical sources of conflict and deal with them constructively and quickly, before they damage the team or your chances of project success. You don't have to get along every single minute of the day, but you do need to identify and disarm potentially destructive conflicts before they undermine your work. 1 PDU

  • You need this course if…
    • You're assembling a new team and want them to get to know each other in a constructive, supportive environment.
    • Things have already gotten tense between team members and you're looking for ways to turn down the temperature and get back on track.
    • You want to learn to resolve conflicts, not just sweep them under the carpet.
    • You're trying to avoid another ugly incident like that one with the marketing team last month (not to mention the charges for the replacement keyboards).

  • What this course teaches…
    • Learn the different types of conflict, and how they arise.
    • Review the different stages of conflict, and how to deal with each stage appropriately.
    • Apply well known problem solving methods to your project conflicts. (It can be done!)
    • Find out how to create a work environment that's supportive of differences and allows team members to resolve conflicts effectively.

  • Included in this download:
    • Course recording by Michael Aucoin of Leading Edge Management
    • A complete course transcript, and the paper referenced in the course material
    • Guidelines and templates to help you put these techniques to use with your teams
    • A quiz with instructions for receiving 1 Category A PDU upon completing the course

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