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Recognizing and Dealing With a Lack of Urgency for Meeting Deadlines
If everyone doesn't move faster we'll never get done. How can we stop the daily slips?

Cinda Voegtli
Presented by Cinda Voegtli,
Founder & President of ProjectConnections
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Has This Ever Happened to You?
  • Everyone's very busy and working hard, but somehow nothing's getting done.
  • Throughout the team, there's a pattern of missed deadlines and little date slips—a day here, a day there…
  • Since they're still making progress the team seems to feel like those extra days here and there won't really matter, but the schedule says otherwise!
  • There's a major deadline breathing down your neck, but it feels like no one else has noticed… and you're worried that they won't until it's too late.

Even if you've never worked on a project like this, you've probably seen others like it. Everyone's working, but every week the little schedule slips pile up a little bit higher. It's time to counter "death by little slips" with a dose of urgency.

If you're trying to solve this problem with your current team, or even if you're just trying to keep it from happening to you, this course can help inject a much-needed sense of urgency when it's really called for—without stressing everyone out. The trick is to model that urgency with small changes in how the team is run, and talk everyone into better ownership of those critical daily deadlines without demoralizing people who are already working hard.

  • What You'll Get from This Session:
    • Learn to recognize when your team needs a dose of urgency to meet those critical project goal dates.
    • Learn how to get that urgency by modeling it and by addressing how the team works together.
    • Learn how to inspire a team to turn up the heat without demoralizing or lecturing them.
    • Find out how and when to use daily hot list meetings to help your team keep themselves on track, and how to get them to buy into the idea.

  • Included in this download:
    • Course recording by Cinda Voegtli, President and CEO of
    • A technique brief on holding Daily Hot-List Meetings, referred to during the course
    • A complete course transcript
    • Quiz and instructions for receiving 1 Category A (formerly Category 3) PDU upon completing the course
About the Presenter
Cinda Voegtli
Cinda Voegtli – Founder & President of ProjectConnections

Cinda has 20+ years of development and management experience in companies of different sizes, cultures, and radically different project environments, with years of line experience before and after falling into project management along the way. She has held senior management positions managing up to $50 million project budgets, and consulted on project and portfolio processes at corporations such as Lam Research, Nellcor, and Mobil Corporation. In her writing and speaking, Cinda brings frank and practical advice from years in the trenches in various executive, manager, and team member seats at the table, to help individuals and organizations be effective and successful at their business-critical projects.

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