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Stopping the Endless Requirements Gathering

Cinda Voegtli
Presented by Cinda Voegtli,
Founder of
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Have You Ever Worked on a Project Like This?
  • There's so much the project could do that we no one can seem to decide what it should do.
  • The team keeps finding new groups of people to talk to with new lists of requests for this project to accomplish.
  • The "real work" is not getting started and the project timeline is drifting later and later, because everyone is still trying to decide what the project needs to achieve.
  • Work already underway is now getting redone because new requirements are still coming in.

With every project seemingly time- and resource-constrained—especially compared to how much everyone wants the project to accomplish—all too many teams can find themselves trapped in this scenario. We call it "schedule death by a thousand little requirements questions." It may seem like this is what it takes to be truly responsive to the project's customers, but if endless requirements gathering means nothing gets delivered on time, then clearly the customers' critical needs aren't getting served well after all.

The way out of any requirements morass is to stop looking at everything and start looking for what matters most. Even with a huge customer base to serve, with different stakeholders and multiple groups clamoring for attention, a ruthless focus on what matters most for the business can get a team to requirements clarity incredibly quickly. This session explores how to engage your customers with a few powerful tools and a mutual quest to identify what matters most, to help any project stay out of or get out of a schedule-killing requirements gathering morass.

  • What You'll Get from This Session:
    • Understand how to get the requirements focus squarely onto the most important customer, company, and business needs, to get rid of confusing "noise" in the requirements process
    • Learn how to get team members' heads out of detailed requirements documents so they can see the forest for the trees
    • Gain a new approach for working with a group of diverse stakeholders to get fast clarity on the most important project goals by using a Project Vision
    • Discover how to get customers involved cooperatively during the project, so they see how focusing on less can get them more usable value faster

  • Included in this download:
    • Course recording by Cinda Voegtli, Founder of
    • A template with guideline material for iteratively creating a laser-focused Project Vision Document with customers and team members
    • A mini-case study illustrating how a particular team used this approach to recover a critical project
    • A complete course transcript
    • A quiz and exercise with instructions for receiving 1 Category-3 PDU upon completing the course

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