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Communicating Up the Chain to Resolve Big Issues

DeAnna Burghart
Presented by DeAnna Burghart,
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This problem is way above my pay grade. How can I get it resolved?
If you've ever watched a project fall apart because critical information didn't get to the right people at the right time—or at all—you know how frustrating it can be. The answer may be simple and straightforward, but if time is wasted hiding the problem or spreading blame, minor issues can turn into major messes. (We won't even contemplate the major issues.) Sometimes, people don't even realize that there is an issue; why would anyone care about a little 3-day delay, right?

It doesn't have to be that way, if you get the right information to the right people, soon enough for them to do something about it. Your teams need constructive ways to "escalate" issues (especially messy and critical ones), so tough decisions can be made quickly. You need an escalation process.

This course explains the importance of issue escalation processes and the many ways they can help your team, beyond just faster issue resolution. You'll avoid project sinkholes, and your customers will be in the loop on all the important issues, without people hitting the panic button unnecessarily.

  • What You'll Get from This Session:
    • Understand the importance and impact of escalation processes, both for your teams and your organization.
    • Learn how to create an effective process that will get used, without drowning your team in bureaucracy and decision trees.
    • Find out whether your existing escalation processes include the critical inputs and outputs every process should have.
    • Ensure your team that you want the bad news, and encourage them to communicate about issues before they derail your project.

  • Included in this download:
    • Course recording by DeAnna Burghart of
    • A guideline, with examples, for creating an effective Escalation Process that's appropriate for your project environment
    • Templates for reporting on issue status and recording key project decisions—two critical elements of the issue escalation process
    • A complete course transcript
    • A quiz and exercises with instructions for receiving 1 Category-3 PDU upon completing the course

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