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Which Project Leadership Hat Should I Wear This Week?

Michael Aucoin
Presented by Michael Aucoin,
President of Leading Edge Management
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It's not just a job, it's an adventure!
Who are these people? Everything that seemed so familiar and predictable a few short weeks ago has suddenly evaporated in a puff of end-game panic. The whole project suddenly looks different, and nothing that was working a few weeks ago is working now. Why do the team and the timeline look so different when the only thing that has changed is your place in the project?

Over your career, your projects may vary in overall risk, complexity, and uncertainty. Responsive, effective project managers need to understand how to adapt to those changing circumstances, and how to be a strong, people-aware, results-focused leader at every stage of every project. This session by Mike Aucoin, author of Right-Brain Project Management, covers this challenging variation in the project manager's role during different project phases.

  • This session will help you understand…
    • How the project leadership role varies during different project phases
    • Why the project team and the project need different things at different times
    • How the PM's role and the most important attitudes and skills are determined by the project's risk and uncertainty profile

  • Included in this download:
    • Course recording by Michael Aucoin of Leading Edge Management
    • A complete course transcript
    • Guidelines and template referenced in the course, to help you put these techniques to use right away
    • A quiz with instructions for receiving 1 Category A PDU upon completing the course

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