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Deciding How to Respond to Risks

Carl Pritchard
Presented by Carl Pritchard,
Pritchard Management Associates
43-minute session
MP3 download
39mb .zip
1 PDU (Category A)

Don't just sit there… Do something!
Once you know the risks the risks to your project and the potential value of dealing with them, you have to figure out what to do next. Should you spend money on it now, or wait to see if something happens? And how much money is reasonable for dealing with the potential problem?

This course by Carl Pritchard of Pritchard Management Associates explains how you can make smart risk decisions for your project, and get the execs on your side. In this session, Carl illustrates the different risk strategies you can employ on your projects and recommends ways to select the best approaches for your situation. Then he shows how you can present alternatives to management based on a thorough assessment of the risks so they can make an informed choice.

  • When you've finished this course…
    • You'll know about a variety of risk strategies, and how to choose the best one for a given risk.
    • You'll understand how to determine if you've requested a large enough contingency reserve for your project (and whether management is being reasonable when they cut it in half).
    • You'll have some practical ways to prioritize your project risks so you're spending time, money, and effort on the ones that might actually make a difference.

  • Included in this download:
    • Course recording by Carl Pritchard of Pritchard Management Associates
    • Guidelines, with examples, for selecting appropriate risk strategies and calculating the expected value of a project risk
    • A complete course transcript
    • A quiz with instructions for receiving 1 Category-3 PDU upon completing the course

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