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Project Management Templates > Templates by Project Phase > Concept and Selection

Concept and Selection

PM Phases - Concept and Selection

Purpose: Evaluate a New Project Idea. Provide an orderly and efficient approach to suggesting, reviewing, and judging the merit of a new project idea before significant resources are committed to an official project, to ensure that resources get allocated only to worthwhile projects.

Propose a new project idea
Guideline: Conducting a Gap Analysis
New Project Proposal
Project Mission Statement

Define high-level customer needs and benefits
New Project Business Plan
Business Requirements Document
Marketing Requirements Document
Project Deliverables Definition
Preliminary Requirements Gathering (software releases only)

Evaluate the idea for feasibility and return
Agile Technique Brief: Project Value Models
Project Business Case
Opportunity Screening Worksheet
Risk Management Model
Critical Success Factors for New Products
Scored and Ranked Project List

Select or reject the idea
Project Selection and Controlling Project Starts
Setting Strategic Project Selection Criteria
Strategic Project Prioritization Worksheet

Assign the PM and Sponsor
Project Manager/Team Leader Selection
Project Team Leader Roles and Responsibilities
Project Sponsor Roles and Responsibilities
Role Comparison Checklist: Executive Sponsor and Project Owner

Announce the official approval of the project
Project Charter
PM Appointment Letter
End of Concept Phase Checklist
Phase Signoff Process

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