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Project Management Templates > Templates by PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas > Project Quality Management

Project Quality Management

PMBOK Knowledge Areas

  • Plan Quality Management
  • Perform Quality Assurance
  • Control Quality
Purpose: Resources for "building in quality" by defining a quality program for a project that includes the test planning, deliverables reviews, and customer reviews of progress against objectives.

Plan Quality Management
Release Decision Process Guidelines
Software Quality Release Criteria
System Test Plan
Project Test Plan
User Acceptance Test Plan (IT)
Tools and Equipment List
Project Overview Test Plan
Beta Test Plan
Software Release Life Cycle Phase 8: Internal Testing (Alpha)
Software Unit Test Plan and Report Guidelines
Review Meeting Planning Worksheet

Perform Quality Assurance
Review Meeting Planning Worksheet
Master Test List
Localization Guidelines
Software Test Transfer Forms
Coding Review Guidelines
Software Integration Checklist

Control Quality
Release Decision Process Guidelines
Software Release Life Cycle Phase 7: System Test
Review Checklists: Final Design Review
Software Release Life Cycle Phase 9: External Testing (Beta)
Software Bug Fix WBS
Project Deliverables Release Form
Conducting a Basic Pareto Analysis
Review Checklists: Detailed Design Review

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