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Pass It On: Delegation Skills for Team Leads and Managers

Laura Erkeneff
Presented by Laura Erkeneff
74-minute session
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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?
  • It's 7pm and you're still at the office, and will be for hours. What used to be an occasional extra push has become a soul-crushing habit. They know your name and your order at the takeout place, because that's all you eat anymore. Something has to change.
  • You were lucky enough to transfer a new team member from another department. Extra hands on deck are incredibly valuable, and it sure would be nice to delegate some of this new project work to them. But you're not sure if they can handle it so soon in their new position.
  • Your department has been reorganized three times in the last 18 months. There's so much to do, and so few people to do it, that you're unclear who should be helping with which projects, and how to help them succeed.
  • The last time you tried delegating work, it was a disaster. The deliverables were late, and incomplete, and the work that was done was riddled with errors. You ended up polishing it off yourself, and you've decided it's just easier to do it yourself. But where are you going to find the time?

Too many managers end up doing work that should be on someone else's desk. When you're facing intense resource constraints, it's tempting to pitch in and "just get the work done." But if you're working as a project contributor, you can't be an effective project manager.

Skillful, well-managed delegation is a huge boon to teams and managers alike. Your team members want to do the work, and do it well, but they need your support, and they need to be empowered. Improving your delegation skills can have ripple effects throughout your entire department. Delegating well contributes by increasing productivity, building new skills, improving morale and career satisfaction, boosting motivation, and lowering stress levels across the board -- including yours. This session with Laura Erkeneff of Training for Techies will help you learn and implement this critical management skill.

  • Assess your current delegation skills. How well are you delegating? What are your personal barriers to better delegation?
  • Plan and implement delegation. 5 simple questions provide answers that can lighten your load.
  • Learn how to effectively monitor delegated tasks. Track and measure assignments (without nagging), support success, and learn how to provide the feedback required for continuous improvement.

If you're a new manager, or if you're just overwhelmed by trying to pull everything off by yourself, this could be the best 90 minutes you spend this month. Find out how you can be a better manager by stepping away from some of the hands-on work that's been consuming your schedule. Empower your team, and manage to the project success and business-driven results your managers are looking for.

Included in this download:
  • Webinar handouts and recording
  • A collection of related templates useful with several of the webinar concepts:
    • Completion Criteria
    • Delegation Assessment
    • Performance Appraisal Process & Forms
    • Personal Time Management Assessment Log
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About the Presenter
Laura Erkeneff

Laura Erkeneff, founder of Training for Techies, Inc., has over 20 years experience in leadership development training, coaching, organization development, and building leadership programs for technical professionals at all levels of the organization. She has established a proven track record for showing immediate performance improvement by focusing on integrating technical expertise with leadership and business skills. Laura's engagements have included all aspects of technical leadership development, from designing training courses in leadership development and leading design teams for technical symposiums, to designing and implementing systems for technical leadership development and coaching executives in organizational development projects. Laura holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology.

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