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Plan to Re-plan: Project Planning from an Agile Perspective

Kent McDonald
Presented by Kent McDonald
90-minute session
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So you think Agile teams don't plan?
Find out just how much planning they do, and how their techniques can benefit your teams, in this webinar by Kent McDonald, co-author of Stand Back and Deliver. Kent unpeels the agile planning onion and explains the philosophies at work, before explaining the techniques at work in agile planning activities. His presentation is followed by 30 minutes of in-depth Q&A, for a truly interactive webinar that explains how projects of all kinds can deliver value, reflect and adapt, and exploit change for competitive advantage.

Included in this download:
  • Webinar handouts, with extensive speaker notes
  • A detailed guideline explaining agile project planning in greater depth
  • A collection of agile technique briefs explaining several of the concepts Kent discusses:
    • Information Radiators
    • Stand-Up Meetings
    • Project Value Models
    • Requirements Cards
  • Templates for porting some of these concepts to more traditional venues:
    • Cost Benefits Analysis
    • Project Flexibility Model
  • PDU Instructions -- If you could not attend the live session, use this short review to verify your participation and receive a PDU certificate by email.

About the Presenter
Kent McDonald

Kent McDonald – Business Advisor at Knowledge Bridge Partners

Kent McDonald has spent nearly 20 years delivering data-intensive and web-enabled application development projects that provide outstanding business value. These days, he concentrates on helping organizations find practical ways to deliver the right results. He helps teams adopt agile techniques in projects and efforts of all sizes, including some efforts that would traditionally be considered impractical to do using agile approaches. When he is not helping organizations get more done by doing less, Kent writes and speaks on leadership, business analysis, and agile approaches.

Kent has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University and an MBA from Kent State University. He is a co-founder and Past President of the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN), founded Agile Iowa, and has been on the planning committees for several agile conferences. Kent is co-author of Stand Back and Deliver, which describes a set of leadership models organizations can use to improve their own effectiveness.

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