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“Of all the project management sites out there, Project Connections is by far the superior. Your content is always well written and relevant. Whenever I'm searching for ideas or answers to a specific problem, your site is the first I turn to. I've never been disappointed.”
Carole Kuriatnikova, PMP
U.S. Department of Education
“The Project Connections Web site has been an invaluable tool to people in my organization. It has the necessary information at your fingertips when you need it. Just recently, we needed to find out information about Risk Management and provided us with what we were looking for. Thanks. Keep up the good work.”
Mauricio Najarro
Technical Director of IT PMO, Telecommunications Company

“Thank you for the exceptional customer service. It is most appreciated!”
Mandy E.
“Your site really saved me - I thought my company had the proper documentation and they didnt. If it werent for your site I would have been in serious trouble being completely unprepared for a presentation to a major customer.”
Jim Singletary

“Your site provided valuable assistance for the project I was coordinating .... should I need assistance with a future project I will know exactly where I may gain [it].”
Don Dreyer
“I would like to commend you for having an absolutely brilliant and easy to use site.”
Bafana N.

“You have got to be the absolute best web site for a PM, Manager, anyone wanting to get things done and do it right.”
Linda H.
“I have noticed recently that when I need some extra help from time to time, your newsletter seems to turn up and save the day. Simply ‘BrilliantÂ’. Thank you.”
Freddie W.

“I rarely get the benefits from "member" websites but I must tell you that I have truly enjoyed learning and reading the documents and tools in your website and your newsletter.”
Barbara G.
“I've found the newsletter and your website extremely helpful, especially the know-how templates. I just found the papers and publications section and am overjoyed with the wealth of information there ... Keep up the good work!”
Ryan Baker
Wisconsin Department of Commerce

“I love your website! I use the information daily.”
Jennifer R.
“I have found many useful tools, articles and tips over the years. Great resource!”
Jeff Heath
Marathon Oil

"With 5 years in classified software large-project management at Space and Missile System Center, I do have enough experience to recognize that you have a lot of extremely useful timesavers. Many of your templates can save PMs a lot of grief and time on difficult projects. ... I appreciate all the effort you guys took to build the site, and the effort you are making to stay on top of all the changes in the profession."

"I love all of the topics that you describe in this week's [newsletter]. Want to read 'em all right now. You make all of these topics so appealing with the "real world" descriptions. Can you please work on getting the material to me using an intravenous drip?"

"I find the newsletter to be extremely interesting and informative. I just used some of the info on my program. Keep up the great job."

"Let me just say that you web site really helped me when I needed it. Being a struggling PM in an environment where no help is available from work colleagues, your web site saved me. So thank you for creating such an excellent resource!"

"The Lessons Learned Survey [template] is fantastic! My company has adopted it as our primary source of info once a project is completed. Thanks for sharing this information!!"

"This is my first visit, and I must say, I'm very impressed. It's nice to see some 'real world' discussion topics."

"Wow! This is a *great* resource!"

"Thank you for developing and offering this service. Being a neonate in the project management arena, this site offers me tremendous help and continued knowledge. Again I thank you!"

"Many, Many THANKS!! I just want you to know how much I appreciate your OUTSTANDING customer service! The quick response was overwhelming enough, but to be so nice and willing to help and then go the extra mile... WOW!! PS... We are putting a link to your web site on our internal Project Office web site!!"

"I really enjoy the Project Connections site, and have found a lot of helpful information there. Thank you (all!) for your hard work!"

"Woooohoooo! Terrific customer service, will tell all my project consultant friends."

"I love your site! Please keep up the good work."

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