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Our Audience

ProjectConnections.com is a leading source of project management resources and practical project know-how for people managing projects and teams at all levels of business. ProjectConnections members include titled project managers and senior PMs, functional and technical managers in charge of project efforts, team leaders, PM consultants, PMO officers, and similar individuals. We have many director- and executive-level members as well.

Whatever their title ProjectConnections members are looking for fast access to valuable PM templates, take-aways, and lessons to apply to their own project efforts without having to reinvent the wheel. We focus on providing them these kinds of resources from actual project efforts; not just generic theory and broad concepts, but practical deliverables and ideas that can be implemented on their projects today.

Submitting to ProjectConnections

ProjectConnections welcomes and encourages outside submissions, though we reserve the right to reject any that don't fit our editorial requirements. There are several different types of articles that we accept for the site, outlined below.

While we don't have any particular word count or length requirements or restrictions, we do have some editorial preferences. Articles submitted to ProjectConnections should keep in mind our goal of providing practical, useful advice, techniques and tips for people managing or working on projects or teams. While they may discuss or promote a particular type of product, approach, or technology, they should not be "advertorials" that promote a specific product or service. (See our special note about vendor-written material, below.)

ProjectConnections prefers articles that are objective and well-written, though we will offer some editorial advice and support for subjects or treatments that we feel are of special value to our members. We have no particular preference for first- versus third-person voice, relying instead on the quality of the writing and the appropriateness of the voice to the subject matter. We do accept previously published material, providing that it fits our editorial needs and that re-publication is consistent with any existing copyright restrictions.

While we do not provide monetary compensation for submissions, all published contributions include a brief bio of the contributor, usually with credentials, company and/or website or contact info, if desired by the author. In addition, new contributions are highlighted on the front page of the site and in our bi-weekly newsletter.

Submissions should be forwarded to info@projectconnections.com in the appropriate format. Types of articles we accept:

Columns/Expert perspective articles: Expert columns are typically written in an informal, conversational voice, from a variety of perspectives. Columns should be submitted as Word .doc or .rtf files, generally no more than three to four pages, single-spaced.

Case Studies: Case studies can be full-length or "mini case studies." They should focus on a specific project management issue, situation, or challenge and include specific steps taken—or steps that should have been taken—to address the situation. A typical format that works is to outline a problem and show how it was solved, or how it could have been solved or avoided. Including a list of lessons learned or best practices related to the subject is highly recommended. Case studies should not be linked to the use of a particular product or software, though they might include the use of a general type of product or software. Case studies should be submitted as Word .doc or .rtf files, generally about three to five pages, single-spaced (although length varies, and "mini case studies" may be shorter).

Papers and Presentations:

    Papers often use a more formal tone and third-person voice. They may address general project management practices, specific techniques, or theoretical approaches. As with other types of submissions, they should not address the use of a specific product or software. Papers may be submitted as Word .doc or Adobe PDF files, generally at least four pages in length, often as long as 10-15 pages.

    Presentations are PowerPoint .ppt files, often files that accompanied live presentations at conferences or other venues. Presentations should stand alone as references, which generally means making extensive use of features like speaker notes and that slide text will usually be more verbose than for an actual presentation. Because adapting a presentation file for stand-alone use can be challenging, it is often better to adapt the material to a Paper, Case Study, or Expert Article format instead.

Templates, Checklists, and Guidelines: Your "in the trenches" deliverable templates, process checklists, and procedure guidelines are welcome additions to our content base. Work breakdowns are also a commonly requested item. These submissions will obviously vary depending on subject matter, and should be free of copyright restrictions, company proprietary information, and similar liability constraints. Accepted templates will be published on ProjectConnections with full credit to the author, but may be used by the member base without any credit to the original source. Because of the unique considerations for these submissions, please contact us directly if you would like to share your favorite project management deliverable(s).

Special Note About Vendor-Written Articles

At ProjectConnections, we pride ourselves on objective project management resources that aren't dependant upon a particular system or methodology. As such, we strive to remain vendor-neutral in everything we publish. Most of our content is provided by ProjectConnections staff, or by project management experts, consultants, and professionals "in the trenches." While we appreciate project management vendors' desire to share their expertise with our members, we rarely accept vendor-written articles. If you are a project management vendor and would like to submit content to ProjectConnections, please keep your submissions impartial and completely vendor-neutral. When in doubt, ask yourself whether the piece was written to provide insights or takeaways to readers, or to promote a given product or service.

In lieu of vendor-focused and advertorial content, we provide several free and paid promotional opportunities for vendors of products and services that may interest our members.

  • Free Listings. Our Buyer's Guide provides free listings to project management consultants, software vendors, trainers, and web service providers.
  • Paid Advertising. ProjectConnections has several advertising opportunities available for interested PM vendors, including advertisements in our bi-weekly newsletter, dedicated emails, and on-site advertising. For more information about any of these options, please review our current sponsorship opportunities (PDF, 220kb), or contact marketing@projectconnections.com.
Contact Information

If you have any other questions about possible submissions, please contact us at 888-722-5235, or send an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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