FastRAMP™ to Managing Without Authority

Session Details

(All sessions are 90 minutes long. Recordings will be available.)

Session 1 – November 5, 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern)

The Building Blocks of Power and Influence on Projects

Understand what's expected of a strong project manager, even without positional authority. Learn how to translate the things specific groups and people need from the project into requests and plans that are supported -- because they make sense, address people's needs and concerns, and are clearly in the project's best interest.

Between-session application suggestion:You'll leave the first session with a worksheet and guidance for applying the building blocks to a current situation in your project environment.

Session 2 – November 7, 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern)

Strategies and Plans for Complex Situations and Long-Term Project Influence

In session 2, you'll learn how to apply the session 1 building blocks in more complex influence situations -- multi-person influence, cross-organization influence, and sensitive issues. Strengthen key relationships across the company over time, and use your growing cross-organizational influence to have greater input on major project issues and organizational challenges.

Personal Toolkit: This isn't just theory. You'll leave this FastRamp with an editable collection of the core tools covered in each session, plus additional deep-dive resources to help you focus on areas of personal interest. You'll have a re-usable framework and a personalized collection of tools and techniques for support you as you execute your action plan.