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How can I cancel my Premium subscription?

If there is a problem with your subscription or you are unhappy with the service, please call us toll free at 888-722-5235, or write to us at; we'll work hard to make you a satisfied customer.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, there are two ways you can proceed:

1. Go to the Members page of the site when logged in to your Premium account and click the Cancel your Premium subscription link. Please note this is a two-click process, and you should receive a an automatic notice of cancellation after you're finished. If you have any concerns about whether you've cancelled successfully, please contact us by email or call us toll-free at 888-722-5235.

2. Call us toll free at 888-722-5235. Our customer support staff is on call to help you from 7am to 5pm Pacific Monday through Friday.

Once you cancel, your subscription will expire naturally at the end of your current billing period, and your card will not be charged again. If you cancel during your free trial period (before the "Next Billing Date" listed on your subscription confirmation page and in the email you received after subscribing) your Premium access will expire immediately, and you will never be billed.

Note that while we will honor cancellations received via email, we cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected emails. To insure your account is cancelled successfully, please either use the website or call our toll-free number. If you email us requesting subscription cancellation and do not receive confirmation, please call us at 888-722-5235 to confirm your cancellation.

Can I get receipts for my subscription charges?

When you place an order with ProjectConnections, the order confirmation page serves as a receipt for your purchase. In addition, an email is sent to the registration and subscription addresses on file for your account. If you need receipts for individual billings, just email us at or call us at 888-722-5235. It only takes a minute to confirm the email address and set it up. Receipts begin with the next billing following your request. If you need receipts for previous billings, just ask; we'll be happy to provide those, too.

Please make sure you can receive emails from to be sure you'll get your automated receipts. You may need to whitelist our domain or that specific email address.

I don't want my account to renew automatically. Can I sign up for a single year/month?

Annual subscribers do have an option to choose between recurring and non-recurring billing. If you are starting an annual subscription and you prefer to subscribe for a single year at a time, simply leave the Recurring Charge box on the Order Form unchecked. Monthly subscriptions are currently designed for recurring billing, and must check the box acknowledging the recurring charge in order to proceed, however there is no minimum subscription period. We also send reminders to annual subscribers about two weeks before their expiration date, to give you a chance to re-subscribe before you lose Premium access.

Can I see samples of ProjectConnections templates before I order?

There are several Guest templates available for your review throughout the site; you will generally find at least one in each of our major project phase collections. Additionally, registered Members receive access to about 30% of our template content, providing an excellent preview of the depth and breadth of our material. Our Premium materials are available only by subscription, but our free trial offer provides ample opportunity to review these materials as well. If you prefer, you can take a closer look at some typical templates on our samples page. If you have any questions about our materials before subscribing, feel free to email or call 888-722-5235.

What are the rates for ProjectConnections Premium subscription?

Premium subscription rates are $14.95 per month, or $149/year. First-time subscribers receive a 15-day trial period to view Premium materials, so you have ample time to see how ProjectConnections can help you get your projects done before you ever pay a thing. (Free trials are one per customer, and returning subscribers are not eligible for the free trial offer.) We also offer group discounts and licensing terms.

I've forgotten my username and/or password.

To retrieve your login information, go to our Lost Password page and enter your email address. Your login information will be emailed to you. If you don't remember which email address you used to register, or if it's out of date, call us at 888-722-5235. We'll be happy to help you out.

I've requested my login information several times, but I haven't received it.

If you used the right email address and you are not receiving your login information, it is almost certainly being spam filtered. Check your deleted mail or junk mail folders for an email (or several emails) from If you have no emails in your deleted/junk mail folders, check with your system administrator and ask them to add to your "whitelist," or follow these instructions to whitelist the admin address or our domain in your email client, then try again. If IT balks, just ask them to add it for a few minutes, or even just the address. If they won't even do that, give us a call at 888-722-5235 and we can try sending a it to an alternate address for you. Australia and New Zealand members, please note: For some reason this seems to happen more often to our members Down Under. If you've used the online routine or sent an email and haven't received a reply, it is not because we're ignoring you. Please check with your system administrators or IT help desk first to see if our emails are being blocked by your server. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing when this happens or of fixing it. If you're feeling neglected, try checking with them, and mention that you suspect a disconnect in your next email to us. We're not opposed to calling if that's what it takes to sort things out.

Are ProjectConnections templates copyrighted?

Yes, all ProjectConnections material is under copyright. However you are free to modify our deliverables for internal company or personal use. Our goal is just to receive fair credit for our work, and make sure that your colleagues who are exposed to our templates know where they can get more. We have no desire to claim copyright on your internal company workproduct.

Can I change ProjectConnections templates to use on my projects?

You are free to modify templates, checklists, etc. for internal company or personal use (i.e. non-commercial use). You may modify the templates as much or as little as you wish—add company logos, change headers, etc. If you have modified a document for non-commercial organizational use, attribution is requested but not required. For unmodified documents, templates, or checklists, please retain the original footer copyright. (You may remove the header.) No copyright notice is required on modified documents, and no attribution at all is required on documents that are in functional use (in other words, workproduct). Our goal is just to receive fair credit for our work, and make sure that your colleagues who are exposed to our templates know where they can get more. We have no desire to claim copyright on your internal company workproduct. In practice, this is an example of how these rules would apply:

  1. You download our Meeting Minutes Formats and circulate it, unmodified, to your team members as an example of how you would like your team minutes to look. In this case you would retain the original footer copyright information.
  2. You decide to distribute a particular one of the formats for recommended team use, after modifying it to include your company logo and a few details specific to your project. In this case you might include (perhaps in the accompanying memo or email) some notice that the format was "based on a template from"
  3. You use this minutes format to record minutes from your next meeting, and are typing them up for distribution to the team. You would most likely want to delete any attribution reference entirely.
Note that this licence does not permit you to post ProjectConnections content on your intranet or blog, or to put our templates on a CD and sell them to someone else. If you would like permission to redistribute ProjectConnections material outside your workgroup, please email us with information about your request.

Can I post ProjectConnections templates on our company intranet?

No. Our Premium subscription license allows you to use our content on your projects, but not to post or circulate it for redistribution to your entire organization. If you would like multiple project managers in your organization to have access to ProjectConnections' resources, please purchase a corporate subscription or license.

Can you review and improve my project documents for me?

We wish we could, but our current resources simply don't allow for this kind of service. We will be happy to point you to any guidelines we're aware of that may help you with your own assessments and improvements of your project deliverables, but unfortunately we cannot provide detailed document review and revision as a service at this time. If we ever do offer this kind of personal service, we will certainly announce it in our newsletter and on the website.

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