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On Becoming a Leader

Warren Bennis
Perseus Books, 1994 2nd Edition
ISBN 0-201-40929-1

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This is the classic work on the essence and attributes of leadership. Chapter organization is:

  1. Mastering the Context
  2. Understanding the Basics
  3. Knowing Yourself
  4. Knowing the World
  5. Operating on Instinct
  6. Deploying Yourself: Strike Hard, Try Everything
  7. Moving Through Chaos
  8. Getting People on Your Side
  9. Organizatrions Can Help - Or Hinder
  10. Forging the Future

A highly acclaimed work on the paradigm of leadership. This book distills a set of lessons from the experiences of 28 diverse cases of successful leadership. It is a must-read for a wide spectrum of people, since virtually all of us are involved in the leadership process either as leaders or followers or both. This book should be read from start to finish and not skimmed or condensed.

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