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The One Minute Manager

Spencer Johnson and Kenneth H. Blanchard
Berkeley Pub Group, 1993
ISBN 0425098478

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The One Minute Manager urges us to be concise and clear with communication - not just in setting goals and giving praise, but also when reprimanding poor behavior. As the title implies, the authors' perspective is that more effective communication will occur when you plan out the communication ahead of time and then deliver it immediately and concisely. This book is written like a novel, about a young manager who wants to work for, and become, an excellent manager.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Search
  2. The One Minute Manager
  3. The First Secret: One Minute Goals
  4. One Minute Goals: Summary
  5. The Second Secret: One Minute Praisings
  6. One Minute Praisings: Summary
  7. The Appraisal
  8. The Third Secret: One Minute Reprimands
  9. The One Minute Manager Explains
  10. Why One Minute Goals Work
  11. Why One Minute Praisings Work
  12. Why One Minute Reprimands Work
  13. The New One Minute Manager
  14. A Gift to Yourself
  15. A Gift to Others

The One Minute Manager provides Program/Project Managers insight on how to be more effective in communication within their teams and with external stakeholders. The book can be helpful in getting past the anxiety of delivering an unpleasant message, and, giving encouragement in delivering the good news. The book provides summaries for One Minute Goals, Praisings, and Reprimands that make for good references after completing the first reading.

The book is short - it can be read on a two-hour flight.

Contributed by Russ Zinzer, IPS

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