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Quantitative Methods in Project Management

John C. Goodpasture
J. Ross, 2003
ISBN 1932159-15-0

Project success means making the numbers. Quantitative methods provide the basis for calculating value, setting up project metrics that determine success, and helping project managers understand the numerical values of risks to be addressed. Written for the project professional and day-to-day practitioner, this book provides the policies, methods, and tools to make good project management decisions.

Key Features

  • Explores the concept that business value is the motivator for projects and introduces a framework called the "project balance sheet"
  • Discusses the work breakdown structure and its connection to the company ledger with examples of estimates using different methods, under various states of uncertain and incomplete information
  • Covers decision trees and decision tables used for quantitative decision-making
  • Addresses special topics such as hypothesis testing, regression analysis, probability-impact analysis, Six Sigma, and QFD analysis
About the Author

John Goodpasture, President of Square Peg Consulting, Inc. has over 35 years experience in complex multi-million dollar programs and projects and is a well-known author.

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