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Managing Virtual Teams:
Practical Techniques for High-Technology Project Managers

Martha Haywood
Artech House, 1998
ISBN 0-89006-913-1

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Martha Haywood's text gives a comprehensive look into the world of managing virtual teams. With the increased use of dispersed teams, this book begins to give the project manager insight to the complexities and requirements of managing the virtual team.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Solving the Communication Problem
  3. Building a Team
  4. Remote Management Skills
  5. Organizing a Distributed Team
  6. Networking Technology
  7. Implementing a Telecommuting Program
  8. Conclusion

This book can be used as reference material. It need not be read from cover to cover; the chapters provide useful information as standalone units. There are case studies and examples throughout the narrative that are intended to support points introduced in preceding sections. At the end of the book, Haywood includes several appendices that expand and compliment information presented within the text's chapters. Chapter 8 provides an extensive list of references that are available to provide additional information.

This book provides useful information on an up and coming mode of operation, that of virtual teams. Those that are concerned about the feasibility of dislocated teams will find the information helpful in allaying their concerns. Haywood shows that using virtual teams is an extremely viable method for completing projects successfully.

Contributed by Jill Irwin, ProjectConnections staff

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