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The Leader-Manager: Guidelines for Action

William D. Hitt
IEEE Press, 1988
ISBN 935470409

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According to the author, this book was written in response to the question "What should I do to become an effective leader?" No more theory, let's talk about how to make this stuff practical! This book is slim but comprehensive enough to provide a great primer for a new manager, and a set of concise reminders for more experienced managers. Chapter organization is:

  1. The nature of leadership
  2. The leader as change agent
  3. Creating the vision
  4. Developing the team
  5. Clarifying the values
  6. Positioning
  7. Communicating (including interpersonal, meeting, written and presentation)
  8. Empowering
  9. Coaching
  10. Measuring

The book includes as appendices a Leadership Assessment Inventory, a case study, and a Personal Action Plan. The questions in each of these appendices are directly related to the chapters of the book. They provide an excellent aid for putting the ideas in the book into practice.

Contributed by Matt Glei, ProjectConnections Staff

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