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Engineering Management

Fraidoon Mazda
Addison-Wesley, 1998
ISBN 201177986

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An excellent handbook for an engineering or technical manager, including those who also must take on project-level responsibility. Includes sections on the business environment, strategy and decision making, financial management, project and operations management, marketing and sales management, and management skills. Part VII Management Skills includes chapters on leadership and motivation, teambuilding, effective communications, and time management.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 17 on leadership and motivation includes the following sections:

17.1 Nature of leadership
17.2 Leadership theories
17.3 Delegation
17.4 Defining motivation
17.5 Motivational theories
17.6 Defining needs
17.7 Motivation techniques

I like this book because it provides historical overviews of the theory of subjects such as leadership, references other worthy texts and articles, and makes excellent use of case studies and exercises

Contributed by Cinda Voegtli, ProjectConnections staff

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