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Achieving Project Management Success Using Virtual Teams

Dr. Parviz F. Rad and Dr. Ginger Levin
J. Ross, May 2003
ISBN 1-932159-03-7

Geographic location is no longer a constraint when pursuing business opportunities in support of strategic goals and objectives. This book presents the success factors of a virtual project team and illustrates an approach for assessing the maturity of a virtual project team. It contains a performance evaluation tool for team members, describing how best to motivate different types of people on a virtual team.

Key Features

  • Provides proven strategies and standardized procedures and techniques for successful virtual project management and includes assessment tools
  • Illustrates how to decrease time-to-market for new products and increase corporate profits
  • Shows how to reduce the cost of virtual teams and ensure desired results
  • Categorizes the contrasting attributes of traditional and virtual project management teams
  • Describes how to build high performance virtual teams in most any industry
About the Authors

Dr. Parviz Rad has over 30 years experience in project management and is an editor for the Project Management Journal published by the Project Management Institute.

Dr. Ginger Levin is an independent project management consultant with over 25 years of experience and a distinguished author.

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