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Burning Questions on Communicating

Communication is the glue that holds an organization together. Without clear, timely, unambiguous communication, even a small team collocated together will have serious problems. And if the team is distributed geographically, poor communication will render an already challenging situation nearly impossible to control. Effective communication includes both a well-designed infrastructure and the processes, messages, and documents that use that infrastructure to exchange information among project stakeholders and keep them aligned on the project goals and informed of the project's progress.

Burning Questions

  1. Now that I've analyzed and recorded all this information, I'm not sure how to share it without overwhelming everyone. Is there a right way to communicate about requirements?
  2. Why is it important to announce in some form who is managing a newly commissioned project?
  3. How long should team meetings be and how often should they be held and why, especially if I have to convince people to spend their time to attend?
  4. As project manager, who am I supposed to communicate with and about what? How do I decide what's needed for a particular project?
  5. Once we create the project plan, and the document that summarizes everything the project's going to do, who should get a copy of it?

Problem Solvers

  1. How do I get two dueling executives to agree on goals and stop delaying my project?
  2. Something has gone wrong on our project, and I don't know how to communicate it to the executives without losing my standing... or my job!
  3. My manager has asked for gory detail status reports that I think are a waste of time. Do I just have to give in and do them? Are there alternatives?
  4. People don't come to team meetings consistently — how do I fix that?
  5. Our team meetings degenerate into long discussions with no concrete outcomes. How do I get everyone on track to conclusions and decisions, without seeming to cut off discussion people think is necessary?
  6. Certain people are disrupting our team meetings with their behaviors—everything from side conversations to zoning out on their computers to interrupting the speaker to rolling their eyes all the time. What do I do?
  7. I've been tasked to set up a monthly project meeting. What is the purpose of such a meeting, who attends, and why is it held?
  8. Why have a special 'Kick-off Meeting' at the start of a project, why not just jump in and start work?

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