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Burning Questions for New Project Managers

New to project management or leading a small effort in addition to doing the work? We've been there and want to help provide some insight and wisdom to help you get off on the right foot. We've answered some of the Burning Questions we've heard from others in the same situation, to help you get oriented to the role of the project manager. The premium 'Burning Questions' on this page have been made open access to all Guests and Site Members because getting a good start is so important.

Burning Questions

  1. Describe a day in the life of a project manager. How should I be using my time each day?
  2. How much am I supposed to figure out what the project does, vs. just take what the executives give me and do it?
  3. I've just been given a new project. How do I know what the project is supposed to 'deliver' – what the results and tangible outputs of the project should be?
  4. I'm suddenly going to be project manager over some of my peers. How can I make sure this change in relationship gets off to a good start?
  5. Once I've been told I'm going to manage a new project, what's the first thing I should do to get going in the best possible way?
  6. OK, I'm supposed to manage a project. But what does that really mean – what are all the parts of my job?
  7. Where can I go in the ProjectConnections site to start learning about the project management activities, roles, etc. in a systematic way?

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