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Burning Questions on Objectives, Scope, Requirements & WBS

The development of the project plan starts from a high level definition and then is iteratively refined. The process get going with a Kick-off meeting, during which the team develops the Charter and defines the high level project objectives from the project concept and/or business case that initiated the effort. This effort is then followed by development of the Project Scope, which specifies the goals and deliverables of the project — what is being developed — and the major activities that will be performed to achieve those goals. In parallel the project and product requirements are gathered, analyzed and captured to provide the definition of the outputs of the project effort. This information feeds development of the Work Breakdown Structure, which is used to define the tasks necessary to accomplish the project objectives and deliver the outcomes. We've answered questions and situational problems from project managers like you related to these topics in an effort to help you be better prepared, or find a solution to your current situation.

Burning Questions

    Project Objectives & Scope
  1. How can I help the project better understand the problem statement?
  2. How do I find the business goals?
  3. How can I stay on track if they won't let us do requirements work?
  4. I've heard I need to define the project 'scope' – what's that and how do we define it for our project?
  5. What does a problem statement look like, and how do I find one or create one?
  6. What is a Project Charter and does it always take a specific form?
  7. What's so important about understanding the goals of the business?
    Situation Analysis
  1. How do I know if I found the right problem statement?
  2. How do I know if I've gotten to the root cause?
  3. There are so many gaps, how do I know where to start?
  4. We've identified a root cause, but it's not something we can solve. Now what?
    Stakeholder Analysis
  1. How do I help manage multiple stakeholders and their priorities on large project teams?
  2. How do I know who my stakeholders are?
  3. Why is Stakeholder Analysis important?
    Project Requirements
  1. What's important about prioritizing requirements?
  2. With all these requirements, how do I keep track of what's going on?
  3. What's so important about deciding how to get requirements approved?
  4. What is elicitation and how do I do it?
  5. Why do I need to put the requirements into categories?
  6. How does a business analyst ensure that the requirements are at the appropriate level of quality?
  7. How can I tell if we've got enough requirements defined to be successful on the project?
  8. How do requirements relate to business goals?
  9. What are different ways to define requirements? Am I supposed to be writing long documents?
  10. What are the characteristics of a good requirement?
  11. What's the best way to determine what role the various audiences have in the requirements?
  12. What's the best way to organize the requirements process?
  13. Why do I need to plan how to measure requirements?
    Work Breakdown & WBS
  1. How much detail and how many levels should my work breakdown structure go to and how do I know if I'm done?
  2. What is a Work Breakdown Structure and should I create one before scheduling my project, even if my project is small?
  3. What incentive is there for the team to go through the task of creating a WBS? It looks like a lot of work and some of them won't see why it needs their involvement.
  4. What does an Agile WBS look like?

Problem Solvers

  1. How do I get two dueling executives to agree on goals and stop delaying my project?
  2. I have a business stakeholder who insists that the new application should be "exactly like" the legacy application we're replacing. How do I get to the right set of requirements?
  3. I have two business stakeholders who have conflicting requirements. How do I figure out what's best for the organization?
  4. I thought I was supposed to get a full set of requirements from one group, but instead it seems like that group only cares about a couple of elements. How do we create a full set of requirements that will make all the customers of this project happy and show the rest of the team what to do?

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