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Burning Questions on Personal Effectiveness

Personal effectiveness means making the most at all personal resources at our disposal – our personal talents, energy and time relative to what's most important to us. We all want to do the best possible job on the projects assigned with the goal of being assigned to more challenging projects and future advancement. To help you develop and learn from others we've provided answers to questions and solutions to problems asked by other project managers to help them through difficult situations.

Burning Questions

  1. Where can I go in the ProjectConnections site to start learning about the project management activities, roles, etc. in a systematic way?
  2. I'm suddenly going to be project manager over some of my peers. How can I make sure this change in relationship gets off to a good start?
  3. I need schedule input from a particular individual, and they just won't provide it. How am I supposed to get a complete plan if people refuse to provide their part of the schedule?
    Time Management
  1. What is "Time Management"?
  2. How do I figure out where my time is going every day?
  3. What are some of the "time robbers"?
  4. How can I get control over my time?

Problem Solvers

  1. How do I get two dueling executives to agree on goals and stop delaying my project?
  2. How can I stay on track if they won't let us do requirements work?
  3. Something has gone wrong on our project, and I don't know how to communicate it to the executives without losing my standing... or my job!
  4. I've been assigned a critical project that will impact our entire organization. I'm excited about the challenge, but I'm not familiar with this business domain. How should I plan this new project?

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