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Burning Questions on Project Planning & Trade-offs

Project planning is the construction of a dynamic agreement across diverse functional groups involved in a project. This agreement specifies the goals and deliverables of the project — what is being developed — and the major activities that will be performed to achieve those goals. It includes the assumptions that were made and identifies major risks as they become known. The planning process allows for changes to this agreement during the project's execution. As the planning process is documented, the documentation becomes a dynamic guide for the execution of the project.

Burning Questions

  1. Who should be involved in creating the project plan? What does the project manager do vs. the various team members, and why is it important to do it that way?
  2. Who needs to see the project plan and schedule?
  3. Is every project supposed to create a big project plan document, even a small project with a small team?
  4. What is a project plan, what is it for, and what's included?
  5. What are the elements of a project plan?
  6. What are some sources for advice and guidance as I start planning the project I've just been assigned to?
  7. How do I balance features with time-to-market ("scope planning")?
  8. Is it possible to 'over plan' a project?
  9. When and how do I "freeze" the project plan?
    Planning Related to Requirements Activities
  1. How does "who, what, where, when, why, and how" relate to my plan for conducting the Business Analysis?
  2. What specific activities should a business analyst expect to do during the lifecycle of a project?
  3. How long do business analysis activities take?
  4. Why do I need a Requirements Management Plan?
  5. Why does the Business Analyst need a Communications Plan?
  6. What does Benefits Realization Planning do to help the project?
  1. How can I be sure my team is really committing to the schedule we've proposed?
  1. We've been given permission to make some tradeoffs among schedule, cost, and scope, but I can't get everyone to agree on the best choice! What do I do?
  2. What does it mean to make project trade-offs? I thought some projects just get told what to do and they go do it and just do the best they can.

Problem Solvers

  1. I've been assigned a critical project that will impact our entire organization. I'm excited about the challenge, but I'm not familiar with this business domain. How should I plan this new project?
  2. How do we come up with an accurate plan that will hold, when we KNOW we are going to have resource issues along the way?

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