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Burning Questions on Risk & Issue Management

Everything we do in life involves some level of risk, even getting out of bed in the morning. Risk management is one for the most important roles the project manager has to guide the project to successful completion. Where risks are present there may also be issues, differences in opinion or direction a task should take or estimate to get the job done. To help you better understand what it's all about and to address your questions or situational problems we've provided our answers as a guide to improving your capabilities.

Burning Questions

    Risk Management
  1. What kinds of projects need risk attention? How does risk management differ on different sizes and types of projects?
  2. What is risk management, and what's the role of the project manager in understanding and dealing with risks?
  3. When in the project does risk assessment happen? What about risk mitigation and risk management?
  4. Who is responsible for what aspects of handling different types of project risks?
  5. What is the difference between Project and Technical Risk?
  6. How do I keep risk from disrupting a project?
    Issue Management
  1. What is "Conflict and Issue Management" on a project? Why are they related?

Problem Solvers

  1. How can I tell if a risk has really been mitigated? Should I just take the team member's word it's been addressed?
  2. We identified the risk and worked hard on mitigation actions, but now we've hit the target mitigation date and the problem still hasn't been solved.

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