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We assume everyone wants to have a great career - including those of us whose careers are tied up in managing and working on projects! But how do we develop ourselves, to do a great job on whatever is thrown at us now, and to end up with plenty of options and opportunities as we go forward? And what skills and attitudes matter the most for opening up those shiny future opportunities? Hopefully you've found this page because you're being proactive about managing your career (or supporting the careers of managers working for you.) We've pulled together a collection of resources to help answer these questions and help you get ahead.

Templates, Guidelines and Checklists

Tools and techniques you can review and use to understand career-influencing development areas, assess your current situation, and guide the path forward.

Developing Project Skills and Experience

Tools for the Soft Stuff
Developing Groups of Project Managers

Burning Questions and Problem Solvers

We've all got questions and look for answers from peers, managers and others who will listen. Now you've got one more place to turn to for answers to questions addressing your role, the team and many other subjects related to project management.

New Project Manager – learn what the role of Project Manager is really about — through answers common questions from those new to managing projects — and get off on the right foot!

Project Team – insights on how an effective project manager interacts with all the different members of a project team

Personal Effectiveness – how to develop and make the most of key personal attributes — our talents, abilities, energy and time — to shine and succeed as we manage, and open up new career options too

Communicating – practical insights into the many facets of communications (reports, meetings and team interactions) and how to improve your credibility with executives and impact on the project

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Articles on Being Great Managers

Selected articles from people who've been there, done that, lived to write about it, gotten promoted, and had great management careers. We've selected a few articles that will provide insight into executive expectations, characteristics of great PMs, and areas where you can take stock to guide your own career development.

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"The Medal-Worthy PMs Executives Are Desperate To Hire."
What skills are the executives really looking for? What moves a PM from "good" to truly outstanding? Executives share the qualities they describe as indispensable in Cinda Voegtli's article.
Executive Views on Great PMs
Executives rarely come out and tell us exactly what they want in a project manager, but the tone of this unexpected encounter provides a useful insight into what is valued by executives.
An Executive View of Career- and Success-Limiting "Boxes"
Are you taking charge of your career, or are you watching others climb the ladder and wondering how they got the 'great' assignments? Unexciting results, or outright mistakes and misfires, can result from operating within "boxes" of constraints - through which we have unwittingly shackled ourselves!
Great Careers for Great PMs
This article summarizes some of the quirky career paths Cinda Voegtli has seen and the great PM opportunities she has distilled from them.
Evolution of a Project Manager
One project manager's view into what matters most on the job, and what we should be telling new PMs as soon as they start.
What does "Great PM" leadership look like?
It's not just about what we do as project managers, it also matters how we do it. It is certainly helpful if the way we lead makes it easier for them to follow and contribute and get it all done with a positive attitude.
Leadership Styles through the Team Stages
PMs (and parents) must learn to shift leadership styles as teams (and children) mature. The catch? The right style for the situation may not be the one that comes naturally. To keep the team on track and moving from one stage to the next, some level of leadership is required. If this leadership is absent, the work group may become effective, but will never reach its potential as a team.
Fearless Project Leadership
As the project leader, PMs absolutely MUST tell execs how it really is. Read this article that provides an outlines how to do it, fearlessly.
New Work, New Roles, New Challenges, New Opportunities
Everyone understands the importance of a good "project start." Now let's talk about another kind of "start": starting a new role or a new set of responsibilities.

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From the Blogs: Project Practitioners thoughts on Career Development and more

These subject areas in our Project Practitioner blog are pertinent to our personal development and careers. They provide personal insights and tips from a number of different managers and executives, passing on what they've learned about career-critical project management skills, leadership, and effectiveness.

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