Design Reviews and Project Review Meetings

Guidelines and Checklists to:

  • Plan and execute effective review meetings at different points in your project
  • Review project status at the end of each phase and ensure readiness to proceed
  • Perform a "lessons learned" review at the end of the project

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Effective Project Team Meetings

Checklists for Design Reviews
  • Agenda for Preliminary Design Review Meeting
    This template provides a detailed agenda with typical timeslots for a Preliminary Design Review (PDR) meeting on a project. The PDR is not just a technical review, but also a key review early in the project for reviewing implications to the project scope, schedule, and costs, based on design alternatives being considered to meet requirements.
  • Review Checklists: Preliminary Design Review
    Checklist for Preliminary Design Reviews (PDR). These are the first early design reviews that commence when enough high-level design work and investigations have been done to allow the Project Leader and team to suggest alternatives in product Performance, Time-to-market; product Cost, and project Cost (PTCC). Design should only have occurred at the sub-system and block diagram level at this point.
  • Review Checklists: Detailed Design Review
    Checklist for performing those detailed review meetings for each system, module or product after the initial specifications are done.
  • Review Checklists: Critical Design Review
    Checklist for those critical design meetings after the first prototype so everybody can poke it with a stick. Can be used for Systems signoff after last critical testing.
  • Review Checklists: Final Design Review
    Checklist for the final design meetings after documents and designs are complete. Checks for internal and external requirements and certifications completed.
  • Coding Review Guidelines
    A good review requires more than just a good meeting! Good code reviews that catch mistakes and communicate critical changes require preparation, appropriate off-line review, and good records. This example of Code Review Guidelines from a medical device development company coding in C provide an excellent look at the whole landscape of a good code review process, along with detailed checklists and forms for capturing what's found in the reviews.
  • Review Meeting Planning Worksheet
    Are you SURE your review is going to accomplish what you need it to? Will you get buy-in from everyone who needs to agree to goals of the project, or specific areas of content? Will you find errors or misunderstandings in project requirements, designs, and plans? Use our Review Meeting Planning Worksheet to plan the review methodically. You might discover new prep work that could be critical the review's success.
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Checklists for End-of-Phase and Lessons Learned Project Reviews
  • End of Concept Phase Checklist  40K Word
    Complete this checklist of activities and deliverables accomplished during the Concept Phase and use it as the basis for your phase status report.
  • End of Initiation Phase Checklist
    Complete this checklist of the Initiation Phase activities and deliverables and use the info for your phase status report.
  • End of Execution Phase Checklist
    Submit the end of phase report with information from this checklist of activities and deliverables that should be completed by the end of the Execution Phase.
  • End of Approval Phase Checklist
    Communicate project status by marking items off this checklist of activities and deliverables that should be completed by the end of the Approval Phase.
  • End of Delivery Phase Checklist
    This Delivery Phase checklist, completed by end of the phase, can be used to communicate project status as you check items off the list.
  • Lessons Learned Meeting Report
    Template outlines a process for holding a meeting to capture project wins, challenges, and resulting lessons learned and communicating these via a report.
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