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July 7, 2010, Sponsored by RMC Project Management, Inc.

From the Editor

There's still plenty to do after a project is over. Yes, there's the lessons learned and retrospectives, but there's also hand-offs and long-term maintenance. Not to mention figuring out which project to take on next, and how. Send your team off with a fond farewell and robust thanks -- but not before all the work is done.

Featured Article

Transitions and Retrospectives by Geof Lory

Geof Lory The end of a project is a point of transition for the team. The work is over, the budget spent, and typically the team disbands. I feel it is important to mark this change with two events: a retrospective and a celebration. The first is primarily a mental reflection exercise, while the second is an important emotional tagging of the transition itself -- two different purposes that are inextricably linked.

Transition points are important to acknowledge with a sacred marker. In many cultures and religions, generational rituals acknowledge movement from one life stage to another: births, first communions, bar/bat mitzvahs, marriage, etc. These celebrations, both spiritual and social, are designed to emotionally transition individuals from one state or condition to the next. Ceremonies bring structured witness to major life events. Without ceremony or celebration, there is no formal acknowledgment of what was, what is, and what might be.

Geof shares the lessons learned from one of the biggest projects of his life »

Premium How-To Course

Agile Development: Core MethodsPREMIUM
Presented by Kent McDonald, KnowledgeBridge Partners
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Premium Course Agile is not a One Size Fits All solution. This mini-course provides a fast introduction to four major methods collectively referred to as "Agile development": Scrum, Extreme Programming, Crystal, and Feature-Driven Development. His high-level orientation will help you understand the ins and outs of various Agile methodologies along with their strengths and weaknesses. You'll come away with a better understanding of the various Agile camps and which approaches might be most applicable to your project environment. 1 PDU Learn More »


Little ITIL®, Big Results: 10 Steps for Kicking Off ITIL in Small Shops

Alan Koch Your shop needs help, but is ITIL® the answer? With all of your demands and constraints, how can you even get started? In this detailed session, certified ITIL Expert Alan S. Koch applies his decades of experience to this common problem. Get a basic overview of ITIL, why it matters, and how the ITIL framework can help you define and support your quality goals for IT service management. Even a little ITIL can yield big results for any IT shop -- large or small. $39.95, 1.5 Category A PDUs. Learn More »

Site Highlights

Discontinuance PlanMEMBER
Software engineers know that any given program, once working, is obsolete. (Much like the plan that created it.) Plan ahead for the inevitable replacement versions.

Checklist for Manufacturing Release ReadinessPREMIUM
Make sure you're ready to let go. This checklist will help you ensure you're passing off a product that's really ready for the floor -- and that the floor is ready for the product.

Maintenance Planning Guidelines and Plan OutlineMEMBER
Product development rarely ends with pushing the product out the door. Whether it's a new car or a bundle of ones and zeros, make sure people know what to do when the customer comes calling.

Handling the EndgameMEMBER
One experienced project manager's practical, issue-focused strategies for avoiding the frustrations that often lurk in the final stages of a project, presented in a detailed, solution-oriented format.

Project Closeout Meeting AgendaPREMIUM
Hold a close-out workshop, so the team can document what worked, areas for improvement, lessons learned, and next steps, if any. Instructions and a sample agenda are included.

Agile Technique Brief: RetrospectivesSPECIAL
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until July 21, 2011
If you're looking for a different approach to lessons learned, consider a more Agile outlook. Instead of waiting until the end of the project, they look behind and ahead after each iteration.

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