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September 13, 2012, Sponsored by RMC Project Management, Inc.

From the Editor

At some level, we have to assign value to our project outcomes, the project risks, our project processes, our boss's image, our time on task for the team. Some of those measurements are more intangible than others, but they can all be measured -- and managed -- to some degree. So, what's it worth to you?

Featured Article

Where Does a Project Manager Fit in Agile?
by Kent McDonald

Geof Lory When I talk with teams adopting agile, there are two groups that seem to have a bit more consternation adopting the new method -- project managers and business analysts. Perhaps I notice it because those are the two roles I usually fill. More likely it's because those roles are specialized for phase-based project approaches, and their applicability in agile projects is not as obvious. Read the rest »

Kent will be covering the subject of agile project roles and what it really means to "be agile" at the Central Iowa PMI Professional Development Day on October 5. You can also catch him at Better Software East in early November. To find what's going on with others in the ProjectConnections universe, check our Where's ProjectConnections calendar, below.

Premium How-To Course

Evaluating New Projects
Presented by Cinda Voegtli

Cinda Voegtli Having enough project ideas is rarely a problem. Figuring out which ones are important enough to merit your organization's time, money, and attention right now, well, that's a different story. This mini-course with ProjectConnections founder Cinda Voegtli reviews techniques you can use to create and use selection criteria for your project portfolio. A detailed guideline and spreadsheet are included with this course recording, allowing you to work through the priority exercises as you listen, and see how your project portfolio might look when prioritized. The results may surprise you! 1.25 PDU Learn more »

For Team Members

Technique Brief: Context DiagramsPREMIUM
Simple sketches can aid discussions of project features and scope, and detailed graphical interface specifications, can improve communication and understanding with non-technical stakeholders.

Calculating the Expected Monetary Value of RisksPREMIUM
Get together as a team and assess the financial impact of given risks to your project, and how much time and money it's really worth spending to spend avoiding them.

For Project Leads

Change Management WorksheetPREMIUM
Any successful project will change something, by definition. For project managers, that means that change management skills are as important as project management skills. This worksheet by Sinikka Waugh helps you plan a strategy for successfully managing your users through the change process.

Issue Resolution Status ReportPREMIUM
This template provides formats for reporting progress resolving open project or technical issues. Emphasis is on communicating without overwhelming -- as many words as are needed, but no more.

Managing PMs

How to Get Value Out of a PMOMEMBER
This paper provides an executive-level look at the four major PMO processes that can dramatically increase the likelihood that your organization will meet its goals. .

The Role of Executives in Portfolio ManagementMEMBER
This presentation by K.C. Yelin outlines a strategy for leveraged executive involvement that compares the role of a project portfolio manager to that of a "financial portfolio manager" and discusses how best to adapt that model to your organization's project office. Great insights and strategies for PMs who need to pry their executives out of day-to-day decision-making, as well as executives who are trying to coach their PMs to let them out of the ground-level decisions.

Building a Better Project Plan

Plan Development, Step 6: Make Trade-offs and OptimizeSPECIAL
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until September 27, 2012
Good plans, like good books, are never written just once, and never right the first time. In your last step you created a first-pass schedule. Now, this template provides guidelines for making trade-offs and optimizing that plan to address conflicts that have emerged among the scope, time, and resources/costs.

Project Practitioners

Patti Gilchrist provides a great summation of the problems that can arise when we measure what's easy, instead of what's useful, in Meaningless Metrics.

Mike Aucoin uses the perennial (and perennially applicable) example of the Sydney Opera House to encourage project managers to go with what "feels right." What good is an efficient interface if people hate using it?

Where's ProjectConnections

Randy Englund presents highlights from his new book The Complete Project Manager at ProjectWorld/Business Analyst World in Victoria, Canada September 17-20. Randy will be speaking during the Symposia and in a one-day workshop. He will do the same for the Project Summit/Business Analyst World in Chicago, Illinois on November 12-15.

Carl Pritchard presents "Communicating UP" for Baltimore PMI on September 18, and follows with a lunch presentation at the DOJ in Washington a couple of days later. He'll also be the dinner speaker at the Pittsburgh, PA PMI meeting on October 11. Plus, he's running another of his acclaimed PMP Certification Exam Prep classes in Rockville, MD October 17-18. Check out Carl's website for more information.

Corporate Subscriptions and Licensing

Want your team members to have their own access to templates and how-to resources for their project work? Need to share documents and deliverables beyond your project team? We make it easier with affordable corporate subscriptions and licensing. Detailed information regarding corporate options is available online. Give your whole team, or even the entire organization, cost-effective access to our comprehensive online library of resources. You already know how helpful it's been for you. Now it's time to share with everyone else. Find out more »

Not sure if corporate terms apply to you? Check out our licensing terms at the top of our Terms of Service page, in refreshingly ordinary, everyday English.

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