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February 20, 2014, Sponsored by RMC Project Management, Inc.

Cinda's Musings on Things that Matter

Cinda Voegtli Are you at risk from dangerous project assumptions?!

What we assume could later take the project down! Despite whatever great PM practices you've already employed, unacknowledged assumptions about goals and deadlines and priorities can prove wrong later, and deadly. Cinda writes on typical dangerous assumptions, a practical way to identify them up front, and how use them for future good.

Featured Article

Alan Koch Secure Software -- Don't Be the Next Target!
By Alan Koch

"We have a firewall. And strong passwords. And we encrypt sensitive data. And we use a virus-scanner. And… Of course our systems are secure!" We wish! The bad guys are all over, and they're really smart. What more can we do? The good news is, there's a lot we can do.

Seven touchpoints that can help your company stay out of the news »

From the Blogs

Yay, We're Using Agile! (Now, the other stuff you have to do to make it really work)

Brian Irwin waxes eloquent this week on unrealistic and limiting views of adopting Agile. It's not just "something the developers do" or "a new process that is being adopted in IT." In his view, that na•ve thinking will ultimately erode the results you obtain and could lead to your agile initiatives actually failing. Instead, Brian puts forward ideas for the disruptions we have to be ready for, and how to use tools such as retrospectives and "influencing events," to scale Agile thinking to the enterprise level -- to be able to ultimately get the results we were after in the first place. Read the rest »

Premium How-To Course

 Know When the Project Is Really Done
Presented by Cinda Voegtli

When nearing the end of a painful project, cutting corners and rushing to finish can be tempting… and expensive. In this mini-course, Cinda Voegtli discusses how to use release criteria and acceptance reviews or testing to make sure all the project work is done and nothing will be delivered to a customer until it's done. 1 PDU. Learn more »

Featured Premium Template

Project Definition - Mission Statement
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until March 6, 2013

A short, well-crafted message focuses everyone on the critical project objectives and aligns everyone's work to the same goals. A compelling Mission Statement helps build commitment to the project across diverse backgrounds and interests. It expresses the driving need of the project's customer, the value the project will bring to the company, and the critical project parameters to achieve both those goals. The Project Mission Statement provides clarity and focus for the project team.

Where's ProjectConnections?

Carl Pritchard is running a public Risk Workshop in Baltimore on February 6, and teaching a PMP Prep course in Maryland on March 24-25. For more details and to catch up with Carl, see his website at

Kimberly Wiefling is at Tokyo Medical and Dental University in February and March. When she returns to the States, she will be teaching a two-day workshop March 25-26 on Discovering Your Organization's DNA in exotic Omaha, Nebraska. For more information or to register, visit Kimberly's online schedule.

Kent McDonald is at BA World Atlanta March 3-4 to deliver a presentation on Analysis in Agile. (There's more to it than user stories.) If you can't make it to Atlanta, he will be presenting at Central Indiana IIBA Professional Development Day on April 22, and at the Seattle IIBA Chapter Meeting on April 29.

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