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March 6, 2014, Sponsored by RMC Project Management, Inc.

Wisdom, Perspective, and Advice from the Field

Kimberly Wiefling Why Don't People Talk in Elevators?
by Kimberly Wiefling

One of the many fascinating things I've learned is that our work environments strongly influence our behavior. Of course this is something we intuitively know, but I always prefer to have "common sense" supported with solid research. This particular effect is part of a broader phenomenon called priming.

If you want inspired results from your team, put them in an inspiring environment »

Reality is a Perception: It's Time to Change Our Perception
Nathalie Udo Thought-provoking article from our newest contributor, Nathalie Udo, with her view on the opportunity and imperative to achieve truly sustainable organizations going forward, through how we create our products and manage our businesses.

Being a Business-Driven Business-Savvy PM (the kind Execs adore)

Business-Aware Risk Assessment that will set you apartPREMIUM
Project risks are not just about "whether the technology will work" or "whether our resources will get stolen". This comprehensive Project Risk/Opportunity Assessment Models takes into account a wide range of possible threats to and possibilities for the project AND key aspects of the business.

Achieving "Just Enough" PM (Your team will thank you for it)

The Conversion of Some Recalcitrant DevelopersMEMBER
Even when the dreaded P word has been invoked ("Process" -- NOOOO! YAAAAHHH!), and our shiny templates and best practices rejected out of hand, it's possible to change perceptions and adjust approaches to make PM work for everyone. This case study shows how one company did it.

Personal Power Tools! (Grow critical strengths and keep your sanity, too!)

What Conflict Are You Avoiding? OWN it and deal with it now!
From Cinda's new weekly food-for-thought posts she calls "Monday Anti-Madness" -- useful questions to ask ourselves as we dive into each new week. This week: Recognizing conflicts we're ignoring, understanding why, and doing something about them before they explode in our faces.

Sustaining Your Hope as a Project Manager
Alfonso Bucero with encouraging words and concrete steps we can each take for maximum positive energy and optimistic outlook in the midst of difficulty and uncertainty.

Say NO to Silos – Making the Functional-Project Matrix WORK!

The Folly of Leaving Operations Out of the Project
Morley Selver points out the critical cross-functional work that an Operations group is needed for across the project timeline, not just at the end! Collaborate early and often, or be ready to suffer the consequences!

Just because It's Later Doesn't Mean You Should WaitPREMIUM
One of the biggest team follies is to peg all those later project activities by all those "other" functional groups as "something we can deal with later." That way lies madness! Avoid missed work, misunderstandings, and major late scrambles by creating this simple Project Overview Test Plan early.

Project Templates, Tools, and Techniques Spotlight

Project Test PlanSPECIAL
Project Test Plan This Premium resource is free to registered Members until March 20, 2014
Testing without a plan leads to chaos in the test phase. This plan goes further than our overview test plan (above). The outline walks you through the process from initial test planning to documentation and project implementation, with detailed annotations and suggestions for test types you may want to consider.

Got a Gantt? That Doesn't Mean You Have a Real Schedule!PREMIUM
Whether you're in the planning stage now or well down the road, use our Scheduling Checklist to make sure you have a thorough and meaningful plan. It's never too late for a plan to blow up, so it's never too late to check the one you've got.

Burning Questions from the Real World – How-tos and Problem Solvers

Our "Burning Questions" are practical answers to questions that get asked about how to effectively use different project management techniques day-to-day, or solve specific problems.

From our BQs on Project Planning

Question: "Who needs to see the project schedule and any related Project Plan document, and why? – PREMIUM

Question: "What are some ways to emphasize true commitment to a Project Plan and schedule?" – PREMIUM

Question: "How do we come up with an accurate plan that will hold, when we KNOW we are going to have resource issues along the way?" – PREMIUM

Question: "I have a conflict between the deadline the executives want my project to hit, and what the team says is possible. How do I resolve this?" – PREMIUM

See all our Burning Questions on Planning »

Premium How-To Course

Know When the Project Is Really Done
Presented by Cinda Voegtli

When nearing the end of a painful project, cutting corners and rushing to finish can be tempting… and expensive. In this mini-course, Cinda Voegtli discusses how to use release criteria and acceptance reviews or testing to make sure all the project work is done and nothing will be delivered to a customer until it's done. 1 PDU. Learn more »

Where's ProjectConnections?

Our newest contributor, Jeanne Bradford of TCGen, will be delivering a complimentary 1-hour webinar, Conducting Fast and Effective Project Post-Mortems to Improve Product Development, on March 13 at The Management Roundtable.

Carl Pritchard is teaching a PMP Prep course in Maryland on March 24-25. For more details and to catch up with Carl, see his website at

Kimberly Wiefling will be teaching a two-day workshop March 25-26 on Discovering Your Organization's DNA in exotic Omaha, Nebraska. For more information or to register, visit Kimberly's online schedule.

Kent McDonald is reprising his BA World presentation on Analysis in Agile at Central Indiana IIBA Professional Development Day on April 22, and at the Seattle IIBA Chapter Meeting on April 29.

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