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July 10, 2014 In this edition:
As Carl Pritchard reminds us in his midsummer column, attitude matters. It matters a lot. Yes, that means being pleasant and personable, but it's much, much more. It means remembering that your work -- even your overhead -- affects other people's workload. It means not just understanding the wide variety of perspectives on your project, but also acknowledging and respecting them. It means ensuring not just that the work is getting done, but that people are getting credit for it. And it means not just spotting problems, but finding ways over, around, or through them.

Cross-functional team members are much more likely to fully commit to a project if they feel their work matters. And for them, as well as for their project leaders, that's a matter of attitude.

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Wisdom, Perspective, and Advice from the Field
Carl Pritchard Feel-Good Project Management — Happy
by Carl Pritchard

"Maybe you're not a feel-good person. That's OK. Maybe you like living under a dark cloud. That is NOT OK. The problem with dark clouds is that we're not the only person they affect. If you would live isolated under a dark cloud, I would have no problem with it. But attitudes are infectious."

Training Does not Equate to a Learning Organization
by Brian Irwin

Is your organization doing a lot of training? That's great! But being a true learning organization is going to take a bit more work -- and some of it might be a little scary. Brian Irwin shares his insights.

Being a Business-Driven Business-Savvy PM (the kind Execs adore)
Stakeholder Analysis Summary Stakeholder Analysis Summary Table – SPECIAL
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until July 24, 2014
Everyone's got an opinion. No, seriously -- EVERYONE. But the savvy project manager recognizes that, when we're being brutally honest, some of those opinions matter more than others. The savviest project manager can make those assessments and still keep stakeholders happy. This analysis form can help you pay appropriate attention to each stakeholder, and decide how to mitigate conflicting stakeholder interests with minimum possible fallout.

Agile Technique Brief: Project Value Models – PREMIUM
Maybe your organization doesn't have a full-blown project selection process yet. Maybe you're taking initial steps into agile methodologies. Or maybe you and your team would just like to know what the heck you're doing here. Project Value Models help you reach agreement on the project purpose, risks, constraints, assumptions, and more, and use that information to develop your project's features in the most business-savvy order.
Achieving "Just Enough" PM (Your team will thank you for it)
Project Process Philosophy Chart – PREMIUM
"Because it's in the process" is an easy answer, but it's not very satisfying. What if we told you it was possible to explain the whys and wherefores of your project processes without seeing eyes glaze over? This one-page chart can help you convey why the process is important, how it helps, and how these goals are supported during each project phase by specific project deliverables (but don't call them that!).
Personal Power Tools! (Grow critical strengths and keep your sanity, too!)
Getting Relevant to Get Results – MEMBER
You just want to get your project done. They just want to get their work done. How do you bridge the gap? This classic paper by Cinda Voegtli helps PMs address and overcome common language and perspective problems.
Say NO to Silos – Making the Functional-Project Matrix WORK!
New! How-To Course: Project-Based Performance Appraisals – PREMIUM
Presented by DeAnna Burghart

Team members are far more motivated to give their all if they realize they will actually get credit for contributing to a project's success. Learn how to easily make project performance a meaningful part of everyone's regular review... including yours. 1 PDU.
Spotlight – Other Project Templates, Tools, and Techniques
These resources (and many others on the site) will help you stay focused on what really matters for accomplishing your project work.
Where's ProjectConnections?
Carl Pritchard his hosting his first VIRTUAL public training the last week of July. The course takes place four mornings in a row and covers Project Management Mechanics. More information and registration available from Carl's website (pdf).

Randy Englund and co-author Alfonso Bucero are teaming up to organize "Project Management Soft Skills Days" in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, September 18-20. The event will be for project leaders, upper managers and executives who want to become more complete and effective leaders. For more information, please contact them by email.

Geof Lory will be in Dalian China the third week of August to do a traditional project management simulation class using the Fissure simulation and Microsoft Project. For more information about the Fissure simulation experience, visit the Fissure website.
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